Within the dance of the zodiac there is a rhythmic ebb and flow, a ritualistic slowing down, turning, pausing, gazing back, reflecting, to understand the journey to this point, before continuing through the dance of the cosmos.⁠⁠
This ritual is innate in human behavior, we set goals on a time line, move toward them and once reached, or missed we look back to assess, evaluate, and reflect on our steps so that we can recognize where we danced in sync with our mission, and where we may have missed a sequence of moments that took us out of alignment with the rhythm of our song.⁠⁠
Every planet in our solar system dances this dance in its own time to the rhythm of its own song. When they come within each others orb their sound changes to harmonize with each other, creating duets or symphonies as they gather. Pythagoras called this phenomenon, the music of the spheres. ⁠⁠
When we allow our bodies, minds and hearts to align with the flowing movements of our heart song, of other bodies, of the rhythmic ebb and flow of life, we come into harmony.⁠⁠
When Mercury, Mind, slows and we follow, we tune into the frequency of its reflections, and receive the wisdom that it embodies and freely shares. ⁠⁠
When it slow dances in Aquarius it is reflecting on higher mind, on how we have cultivated our genius⁠ until now. Have we allowed ourselves to step outside the known and norm to explore our own uniqueness and potential?
Have we embraced the creative potential of our communities, or sought to be around like minded individuals that inspire us to continue along our journey toward self awareness and personal enlightenment? ⁠⁠
Within this Aquarian yearning to follow the beat of our own heart song we learn true freedom, because this yearning drives us to accept ourselves and be authentic to who we are. Offering that same acceptance to others in celebration of self.⁠⁠
May this Rx inspire the memories that guide you back to your path, return the people, projects and visions that support your journey back to you. May you slow down enough to hear the song that the cosmos is singing so you may come into harmony with all.
With Love,


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