hi! i'm dorothea

Dreamer. Visionary. Maker of Things. Eternal Student. Sharer of that which Inspires Me.

I love the mystical, the occult, the avant-garde.

I love getting lost in music and the creative process.

I love learning about the fundamentals of being human.

About the design of this exquisite machine that houses the Body Temple, the Mind, the Spirit, the Emotional Being, the Wild Soul, and the Consciousness.

About the way that this machine weaves aspects of being ( from the sub-atomic to the multi – dimensional) into the manifestation that we call The Self. 

I love studying ancient wisdom, discovering the intersections between technologies of the past and modern findings.

Mantra, sound, the exploration of consciousness, belief work, mysticism, meditation, astrology, energetic and holistic well-being… are all dear to my heart.

My wish is to share what I know. 

The remedies, the practices, and the teachings that have supported me on my path home to self, to spirit, to healing, to authentic living, to self empowerment… 

with other seekers traveling along the same road.

Rowing down the same proverbial stream of consciousness.

who i am today...

I’ve always been a dreamer, with a curious and inquisitive mind. 

Can you tell from my Astrology?

From early on I’ve had an insatiable thirst for knowledge, a deep need for freedom, and an unshakeable desire to explore the boundaries of life, culture, and belief systems. 

All while longing for spiritual connection, self-understanding & a life of satisfaction.

A life that is all my own. 

My rebellious streak lead me down many paths, along which I acquired many lessons. 

Looking back, it feels like I’ve lived several lives in this body, each holding it’s own lifetime of experience, victories, failures, transformations, and ultimately wisdom.

All of my experiences, including the challenging, the blissful, the confusing, the heart breaking and the heart opening have shaped me into who I am today.

A woman that is ever evolving. 

A woman of courageous leaps and quiet contemplation.

A woman that likes to weave beauty and truth into everything I do.

Looking back, these lives I’ve lived, these lessons I’ve learned were really just me finding my way back home. To who I am when I am free of external expectations, limiting beliefs, and self imposed restrictions.

It’s a continual practice, to live wild and free, to follow the path of self discovery, to be authentic to self and dreams. But it’s ever so satisfying to travel along the soul’s journey.

Deeply getting to know myself, untangling from stories of the past, and loving who I’m endlessly becoming…

That is the work I’m doing here.

So I can better serve others.

my offering to you...

It brings me great satisfaction to share the wealth of experience, knowledge, practices, and techniques I have acquired from life and study with others travelling along their own transformational journey. Those with an innate sense of their potential, a desire to grow beyond their limitations, and a longing to bring their own unique vision to life. 

To you, I offer 

One on one sessions based on my extensive studies in Alternative Healing Therapies

Learning Experiences and certifications to take your own practice and knowledge to the next level

Online and in person events to participate in and connect to the magic of sound and group healing

community space to connect deeper to self and others who are committed to their transformational journey

Through Dreaming Moondance I offer mantra, music, sound immersions, and guided meditations based in mysticism and astrology.

Here you will find sound and music, sonic immersions and guided meditative experiences to nourish the Soul

Home to my Sound Vibrations & Musical Creations

I saw it coming… many moons ago. 

Dreaming Moondance revealed itself to my visionary mind, an idea I could barely grasp it, a hazy silhouette that held a dream.

Five years later it is finally taking form. 

Dreaming Moondance is home to my musical expression. 

I love music, I grew up playing piano, singing in the church choir… I played the mandolin in the church orchestra. And dabbled in band life in New York City.

When I listen to the music, the sounds I love, it shifts something within me that is beyond words.

brings me back to a place of joy and contentment. 

Life is a dream, an emotional dance, an experience of moving vibrations taking form.

current obsessions

my journey...

Before arriving at this work I was immersed in the fashion industry of NYC. I spent over a decade exploring the world of glamor and illusion before the thirst for more took over.

My beginnings were humble, I was born in Romania during the rule of communism, and immigrated to Australia at the ripe age of 5. 

This contrast in worlds, from Bucharest, to Melbourne, to New York, and everything in between instilled the belief that life presents portals of opportunity through which I can step, and alter my experience of reality. 

My path, though varied, has been a creative one, a life outside the proverbial box. I’ve always been drawn to music, poetry, art, spirit, and the creative force of nature.

The experiences I’ve lived are rich with symbology, they teach me about freedom and resilience, about transformation and letting go, about the powerful potential locked within the human spirit, and the deep satisfaction that following my own path can bring.

Weaving through many versions of self, I arrived here. 

A place within me that feels like home. A place that holds all, and no definition. 


  • Tibetan Traditional Sound Healing Training, Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Center, Frankston, Vic, AU
  • Access Consciousness, The Bars, Angela Rojas, Melbourne, Vic, AU
  • Bachelor of Social Science and Psychology, RMIT, Melbourne, Vic, AU
  • Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, Theta Healing NYC. NY, NY, USA
  • Integrative Sound and Music Practitioner, Open Center, NY, NY, USA
  • Tuning Fork Practitioner, Brooklyn Healing Arts, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Reiki I, II and Master, Maha Rose, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Astrology Certification, Rebecca Gordon Astrology, NY, NY, USA
  • Integrative Life Coach, School of Integrative Hypnosis, NY, NY, USA
  • Integrative Hypnosis, School of Integrative Hypnosis, NY, NY, USA
  • Certificate of Ayurvedic Studies, Ananda Ashram and Yoga Society, Monroe, NY, USA

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Never miss a new & full moon update

Get notified on articles, events, sound baths, guided meditations, new recording, and special offers coming up!