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Hey you,

Tell me, what make your soul dance?

This can be a simple, or deeply complicated question. Do most of us even dare answer it, or are our deepest dreams and desires reserved for the imagination; occasionally played out in the solitude of our inner world?

I discovered the magic ingredients that make my life feel purposeful and content, but it took some time and work to get there… I’m not always ‘there’, but with each day and every experience I learn to spend more and more time in that space. 

The ingredients that make up me, and you, is what I call a ‘cosmic soup’, an intricate blend of the elements that create our personalities, ambitions, desires, talents, skills and challenges. You have your own unique recipe with a perfect blend of ingredients and flavours that inspire you. We all do.

Some of us are born knowing who we are, and how to do what we’re here to do. Others embark on an epic journey of transformation, adventure, challenges and self discovery to find ourselves, our sense of meaning and purpose, and our inner bliss.

As I traveled along my own journey, searching for an authentic and soulful life, I found myself constantly longing for an ultimate truth; a union with the great beyond. In an effort to discover the voice of spirit and know myself I looked into the philosophies of the East and West, esoteric wisdom, mystical sects and metaphysical concepts. 

You see, weaved into the fabric of my existence there lives an insatiable curiosity and deep desire to know and understand the mechanics of human behaviour, the mystical and mysterious nature of life, and the totality of my own consciousness.

In my endless search I found poetry in esoteric wisdom, devotion in the ancient traditions, harmony in science, and relief in the spiritual fringes of culture. The more I studied the more I desired to share the wealth of knowledge and experience I acquired with other seekers, like you, embarking on your own transformational journey.

It is my hope that you find the same authentic space within. The one that invites communion with the divine and inspires the magic that makes your soul dance.

Beauty, love and harmony are my medicine and I endeavour to express their sacred healing properties through sound and music, words and wisdom, and the science of holistic and alternative practices. Offering this guidance has brought much joy into my world and I hope to continually inspire you and others to walk your most fulfilling path. 

My Educational Journey...

I am a Sound Healer, Astrologer, Theta Healing® Practitioner and Reiki Master.

I have received certifications in Integrative Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching & Ayurvedic studies, and have completed a Bachelor of Social Science and Psychology.

To complement my formal education I have independently studied Eastern and Western philosophy, esoteric wisdom, the Akashic Records, and various other mystical practices.

“A life changing experience! Dorothea was incredible, and I felt utterly refreshed after my session, so I sincerely recommend it! Perfect choice if you’re looking to tune in with your inner self. I left rebalanced and ready to take over the world.”

Elle Dee, DJ, New York City, NY.

Dreaming Moondance is home  to my sound vibrations & musical creations. In this space you’ll find guided sound experiences, meditations, event updates & virtual sound baths. 

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