Here we are at the second Aquarian Full Moon in our lunation cycle. Two consecutive full moons in one sign is a rare occurrence and it has opened a window of opportunity for massive change and leaps in consciousness.

Here we are at the second Aquarian Full Moon in our lunation cycle. Two consecutive full moons in one sign is a rare occurrence and it has opened a window of opportunity for massive change and leaps in consciousness. The previous Aquarian Full Moon took place July 24th at the first degree of Aquarius and will be closing out a cycle of growth at the final degree of Aquarius August 22nd.

This past month may have had a lesson in it that has inspired self-acceptance, self-unravelling, and illuminated radical self-awareness.

Of course, we are evolving creatures who continue to grow. But this window pointed us toward some big mental shifts in our understanding of freedom, control, equality, individuality, acceptance, detachment, community, and a deeper understanding of the profound influence that our personal paradigms have on what we perceive as possible.

For those of us that were willing to hear the gentle breeze and roaring winds that brought truth into our awareness, it may have revealed a confronting reality of the power that our minds have to limit, divide, destroy, reimagine, expand, and create our own experience of reality.

Coming to that moment of epiphany, to that realiSation of just how powerful your mind is holds within it the potential to shatter belief systems and create a new consciousness from the rubble of your former paradigm.

‘The truth shall set you free’, and with radical honesty, and deep compassion, you too can set yourself free from a belief, an experience, or a perceived limitation in your life at this Full Moon!

What and who are you willing to let go of so you can step into your future with the full conviction of who you are, and who you are becoming?

What will it take to set yourself free so that you can live your most authentic expression?

Aquarius represents your higher mind and sharp intellect, it is your inner genius, that voice within that speaks from the future. The one that has a dream which seems out of this world, unattainable, because what it envisions has not been done before and therefore has no definitive path forward.

Your genius doesn’t care for limits, it wants to pursue its truth and be authentic to its own individual purpose no matter the cost.\

This genius, your higher mind, is a powerful creator, but like all aspects of us it must be kept in balance so that it doesn’t stray into a place where the focus becomes a narrow tunnel within which the vision is lost to obsession.

Looking back over the past month, can you recognize where your grand visions of the future may have turned into an unhealthy obsession that in fact limited your ability to tap into the realm of possibility?

Aquarius is a paradox. It asks us to walk our unique individual path of freedom while honouring the symbiotic relationship of the collective consciousness. It reminds us that we are singular yet one with all.

When we listen to its teachings, we learn to remain open, weaving between one idea, one purpose, and the endless vista of all consciousness, and all possibility.

This is the Aquarian dance of radical self-awareness, detachment and acceptance.

Balancing the mind and heart

How do you follow your own unique path, break free of paradigms and limitations, stay laser focused on your mission, while still remaining open, and in deep loving connection to the collective?

Leaps in consciousness require compassion, love, acceptance and forgiveness, which fall under the realm of the heart.

At this Full Moon the Sun will beam its light from across the sky in the final degree of Leo. The Sun is at home in Leo, and when at home its’ at its most powerful, comfortable and confident to shine its brightest light, and express its most authentic self.

Leo rules the heart, and is the master of play, joy, romance, fun, loyalty, and leadership. At its best Leo leads with compassion, love and integrity.  

With the Full Moon, our feeling state, in the sign of the mind, and the Sun, our vital life force, in the sign of the heart, a bridge is created between the mind and heart that invites us into a place of balance.

It invites us to create from love, to think with compassion, to let go with integrity, and to change from a place of play.

It invites us to lead others into freedom, as we ourselves step with courage into a vision of our future that is completely our own, yet honours our communities.

When your inner genius is inspired by your hearts desire, what kind of magic can you weave into reality?

Notice what is most awake in you at this Full Moon, what inner truth is so potent and alive that you must follow it into an unknown future?

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, optimism, healing, luck, joy, and abundance is standing side by side with the Moon as she reaches fullness, showering its powerful gifts on your feeling state.

Which feelings do you want to expand at this Full Moon? Which ones are you ready to heal and let go of?

Venus, the planet of relationship, beauty, love and prosperity will be opposing Chiron and in friendly angle to Saturn. This placement invites us to bring healing into one of these areas of life, to take responsibility for where we are at and to commit to a new path forward.

Mars and Mercury are in friendly aspect to Pluto and Uranus, helping us reclaim our power, release the past, and bring health and discernment to an area of our life.

Your heart wants to light your path forward toward that vision of a future that feels authentic to you and your expression of self. Allow yourself to dance your way there. Allow yourself to unravel, so that you can release the paradigms that keep you stuck. Allow yourself to embody acceptance, compassion, and self-awareness, so that you can get closer to your truth. Allow your heart and mind to be in harmony, to act as one as you create a new reality for you, and for all.



With love and light,


Article Published in Elephant Journal

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