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Aquarian energy emanates freedom, friendship, and the future. In fact, it draws the future into the present by plucking it out of the stream of consciousness that all thought swims in, that we all swim in, consciously or not, and brings it into the current reality, directing the course of our collective experience.

It is attuned to the potentials that have not yet been perceived because it is attuned to freedom. It thrives on challenging norms and existing outside the box, because it understands there is more to life then following the conventional. And that in fact, the purpose of life is to follow your heart. This innate compulsion to be wild and free allows for freedom of thought, imagination and self-expression.

Thanks to this rebellious streak Aquarius does not fear its wild imaginings, rather it revels in being different, prides itself on its uniqueness, and loves when the status quo looks on with shock! Its ideas, thoughts and inventions are beyond its time, and sometimes not appreciated until many years down the track.

Though it thrives on individuality it relishes in supporting community and in helping the human family evolve by sharing the wisdom of the future, and challenging the systems that don’t work. It values friendship because it understands the power and intricate matrix of group consciousness, and the power in finding likeminded folk to collaborate with in steering humanity on an enlighten course.

This New Moon in Aquarius is a taste of this very energy and a window into the energies we will be working with this year and beyond. This is the energy of air, which moves fast and unattached. It holds the quality of intellect and the ability to think abstract. From this detached perch we can cultivate self-awareness and perceive ourselves in relation to others. 

Within the musings of our mind we come to truly know ourselves and awaken to who we are, and the direction in which our hearts want to lead us.

What makes this moon extra ordinary and extra potent is that there are six planets congregating in Aquarius, including Mercury – mind – in retrograde, reflecting on the past few months. Jupiter, also in Aquarius, will cross the degree of the New Moon three times this year (mid March, September and November) the planet of benevolence, joy and expansion will be revisiting the seeds planted at this February 12th New Moon, helping them expand and grow and evolve as the year progresses!

Jupiter will also be conjunct Venus at the time of the New Moon for their annual meeting. These are the two benific planets of our solar system, they bring love, joy, beauty, prosperity and optimism wherever they go. And when they meet it is an auspicious time of romance, celebration, indulging of the senses, artistic inspiration, forming of luscious relationships, and embracing of beauty and affection.

Because this year they meet in Aquarius they will be focusing their energy on friendship, valuing intellectual connections, embracing uniqueness and diversity, opening the heart, following its desires, being wild and free, nurturing the inner artist, expanding on humanitarian ideals, healing inequality, and forging toward a future focused on wisdom, ideas, and innovations.

Neptune will be in friendly conversation to Mars, igniting our passion and desire to connect to that unconditional love, to get into the right brain experience of dance, music, art, imagination and divinely inspired acts of kindness. This time can crack our hearts open and set them free.

What a supportive line up!

What will you do with your time?

How will you indulge in this energy and call it into your experience?  

Its really up to us how fully we experience the skies, and how deeply we infuse the dance of the zodiac to our reality so that we gain mastery of our lives.

Though this abundant energy can sweep us away and into a creative space, enticing us to leap into to the future and begin work on new ideas, we must remember that Mercury is retrograde. And when in retrograde our thinking and communicating can be foggy.

We will receive hair brained ideas, flashes of genius, and awareness that causes a leap in consciousness, but remember it may not be the best time to rush into acting on these moments of inspiration with contracts or commitments. Wait until early march before signing anything or embarking on new adventures, information will come over the next few weeks that will help you make a more informed decision… wait for the puzzle pieces to trickle in. 

Remember the New Moon is the darkest night, the moon is hidden making the process of planting seeds is an intuitive one. We plant and wait for the seed to sprout, listen to our intuition on when to water it and lean into trust that it will grow and evolve under the soil in its own unseen world and unknown time.  

Use this time to get creative, to get into the flow of your artistic nature, to connect with friends and fall in love with love. Revisit old relationships, old ideas and creative inspirations, reconnect to community and humanitarian pursuits. Do your research, lay foundations, allow this electric energy to take you into unknown places.

Perhaps there’s a version of you that you left in the past because it wasn’t ready to see the light of day, but now it may be ready to be integrated into your current expression of self, follow your intuition.

Mars will be squaring the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus so there could be some tension in love, a desire to break free from confining relationships and paradigms, or a drive to push things along that may need time to grow. Just be mindful and tune into your intention. Make sure the actions you take are not based on survival instincts, but rather a desire to follow your heart and let it roam wild and free along its preferred path.

Saturn is in friendly aspect to Chiron helping us heal our commitments and deepen our integrity. It can strengthen our dedication and sense of responsibility for our experience in the world, and compound our resolve to work toward the dreams our hearts long to manifest. We can begin to see the path crystallising toward achieving our plans, and use this time to commit deeper.

It’s a moon of excitement and surprises. Its filled with the potential to catapult us into the future, and bring down flashes of genius that will help us connect to our path. We have so much celestial support. Trust yourself.

Lean into the joy and pleasure of expressing your authentic self, and allow yourself to explore the doorways that open to the unimaginable.

Let your heart roam wild and free. Know that you are held.  

Let love in. 

Let yourself enjoy the pleasures of expressing your creativity, love and authenticity. 

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