Aries Full Moon, Back to Self. Oct 1, 2020

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Who am I? What do I represent, what do I value, what brings me joy, what of my gifts and talents do I want to share, in service to the world?⠀
This Aries Full Moon is calling us back to self, but not the old self, rather a self of authenticity which requires a radical letting go. ⠀
We are all attached to the identity we present to the world, but are those identities really who we are? Or are they a result of programming, social pressure, a desire to belong? ⠀
At this full moon we have a window of opportunity to heal our experience of ourselves, as individuals, and in doing so evolving the archetype of ‘the individual’ that exist within us all. ⠀
The act of individuating is a masculine trait, and beyond the idea of ‘the self’ Aries also represents the masculine archetype of the warrior. ⠀
This Aries Full Moon conjuncts Chiron (the wounded healer) in Aries, with Mars retrograde in Aries, making it a powerful time to not only let go of old ideas of self, but also of the masculine and the warrior. ⠀
When we surrender old beliefs we open to heal our understanding, and evolve along a more enlightened path. ⠀
What is the masculine? It is understood as many things, including a linear force, electric, active. It encompasses ambition, progress, desire, drive, motivation… ⠀
What is a warrior? ⠀
Does the warrior have to win a bloody battle to claim its freedom and independence, crushing and destroying any obstacle on its way to achieving its goals? Seems so by modern standards. But why can’t the warrior be empowered, balanced by the feminine, compassionate, and peaceful? ⠀
Can the individual, the masculine, the warrior lead with dignity, integrity, humility, and the desire to always act from service? ⠀
Can anyone be truly independent and free if they have destroyed, crushed, enslaved others (human or not) on their way to victory? ⠀
A self that is selfish is a destructive force. ⠀
Thats why we can’t claim our ‘self’ from the ashes of the old, we have to shape it from a future vision rooted in community, compassion, love, kindness, conscientiousness and equality.⠀
What aspects of you will you shed at this moon?
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