Aries represent the entry into the world and the new life cycle that begins at our first breath. That breath draws great spirit into our body and the spirit of the Earth into our being. They fan the flame of our inner fire, the mystical fire of creation which transforms energy into passion, desire, and action.

It is the unborn baby who initiates the labour process, a separation from mother, by releases hormones that signal her body to give birth. Most of us enter the world head first, head strong, curious and ready to take a step closer to our independence.

Aries represent this entry into the world and the new life cycle that begins at our first breath.

That breath draws great spirit into our body and the spirit of the Earth into our being. It fans the flame of our inner fire, the mystical fire of creation, which transforms energy into passion, desire, and action.

The will to be, to experience, to explore, and to grow is our Aries instinct. That’s why Aries, with its ruling planet Mars, represent the masculine warrior archetype, because it takes courage to step into our own new world.

We can each lean into this archetype for strength when it’s time to step into a new direction, remembering that with each new beginning there is a letting go.

That time is now.

Are you feeling a pull toward a new direction?

At long last, there is momentum in the air! Can you feel the shift starting to take place? 

The energy that has been building up to this Full Moon will offer you more clarity, drive, courage, and a strong desire to take action in an area of live you’ve been passionate about. It will have you rethinking your approach toward your passions, life, your relationships and it may even inspire you to venture into a different direction all together!

There are 6 reasons for this massive shift…

1) We’ve just come out of a heavy retrograde season with four planets turning direct in the lead up to the Full Moon (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury respectively). Retrograde planets slow us down to reflect, revise, and course correct, which is great for staying on track with our purpose, but can create a feeling of stagnation, being stuck, or confused. As planets turn direct thought, you will personally gain more understanding, energy and a refined sense of purpose and drive.

2) Full Moons illuminate, so you may also begin to gain clarity on a topic that you’ve been unclear about. Or, you may receive information that sheds a new light which can change your perspective about a person, situation, or about yourself.  

3) Aries is a cardinal sign, and like Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn, it initiates us into a new season. This cardinal energy will create a sense of urgency within you, and activate an instinctual drive forward that you can’t deny.

4) Pluto is forming a stressful aspect to the Sun and Mars in Libra, and to the Moon across the sky in Aries. Pluto can bring hard truths to the surface, asking questions about power, and forcing us to transform our circumstances. The t-square it is forming at this Full Moon can feel like an intense birthing process, painful but eventually rewarding. What it’s asking you to birth is a sense of self that honours your individual need for independence while evolving the spirit of harmony and collaboration with other. It is asking that power be brought back into balance so that you can thrive in your purpose and in your relationships.

5) Mars, the ruler of Aries is in close proximity to the Sun in Libra, bringing extra fire and energy to what you are putting your attention on, it is activating an instinctual desire to take action. When Mars meets the Sun it begins a new two year cycle, this cycle was also initiated in Libra, highlighting relationship, harmony, balance, equality, justice, beauty and love for the next two years. And at this Full Moon asking you as an individual to take action that improve these qualities, but also, to shed any beliefs or limitations that hinder you from evolving in harmony.

6) Jupiter turned direct in Aquarius, which represents community, friendship, individual uniqueness, and innovation. This shift will bring a change in how you connect with your friends, community, and associations, and more importantly how you perceive them and they perceive you. This is a positive aspect that will bring optimism, hope, joy, and an expanded open minded type of thinking that can heal divides.

What new direction are you ready to step into?

Who do you want to be in the world?

What service do you want to offer?

What actions do you want to take at this Full Moon that support your purpose and unique self expression?

What can you let go of to become that?

How can you bring balance in the relationships that can support your growth?

How can you collaborate with others so all may thrive?


What will it take to create that change?

Full Moons indicate endings, and with Pluto active in the sky there is a shedding that needs to happen, a transformation that will help you evolve into the next direction.

The Libra and Aries archetypes ask us to balance our process of individuation in harmonious relationship, but also let go of any that create disharmony. They are asking us to collaborate and co-create rather than rise to the top of our ambitions in competition and alone.

The Peaceful Warrior is the one who achieves the most, because when he acts from love and peace he creates better long-term outcomes than when he acts from anger and conflict (which are the shadow side of Aries), he also leaves behind a healthy world, rather then the rubble and anguish of war. The masculine warrior takes care of the village by working in harmony with other warriors to protect and support, because he knows it take more than one, and the better the collaboration the more effective in their goal.

Collaboration is the way on Earth, and it is a beautiful dance between the individual and the all.

You see, though the new born baby took a step toward it individual purpose, it remained in relationship with mother, and that relationship is vital for its survival. But not only is the relationship necessary, it is mutually beneficial, both mother and baby experience love, joy and vital lessons that inspire growth.

Who would you become as you take that first breath in a new world?  

Who would you take with you? 

And would you leave a legacy you can be proud of as you look back on the steps you took toward your personal goals? 

With love and light,


As published in Elephant Journal!

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