Dorothea Lucaci


Gemini is the third sing of the zodiac symbolised by the twins. It corresponds with that developmental stage in life within which we learn to discern self from other by asserting our separateness from mother. We become extremely curious about our immediate environment and eager to interact with it using language, movement and touch.

Scorpio Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse: The Path to Enlightenment starts with an inward exploration of self (15 / 16 May 2022)

Scorpio is the last water sign of the zodiac and represents the deep waters of the unconscious, the underbelly of who we are, the vastness of our hidden psyche, and the mystery of our inner workings.

Our being regulates itself within the darkness of our bodies, the storing of memories, the activating of emotions, the movement of chemicals, the complex mechanics of breathing, all happen without our conscious effort, yet it is us doing it.

Libra Full Moon, Returning to Balance, Beauty & Harmony (16/17 April, 2022)

Libra, represented by the scale, is the sign of balance. It teaches us the sacred dance between self and other and in doing so we learn the to balance giving and receiving, being and doing, heart and mind, independence and interdependence, and collaboration while setting healthy boundaries. This scale is a living instrument that constantly needs our attention, an adjustment in every act, but as we attend to it, coming back into balance, we learn, grow and evolve.