Cosmic Reset: Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Nov 30, 2020

Eclipse season is upon us and it is an epic game changer for 2021, a cosmic reset of sorts, for our thoughts, our focus, for the way we consume the details of our day, and the mundane activities we participate, especially those that revolve around communication, consuming and generating information, and the effect of media, including social on our understanding of our reality

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Healing is…. a wave in an ocean of waves that moves through us

What is healing?

Have you stopped to ask yourself that?

In the West we do things linear, we fix things, we have goals and expiration dates. But what if healing doesn’t play by those rules? What if, instead, it is more like a spiral, cyclical, a constant dance?

How would we feel about our ‘results driven’ expectations then?

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Scorpio New Super Moon, Shedding Old Skin – Nov 14th 2020

Scorpio represents the underworld, the deep places within our unconscious, the hidden, occult things that exist just below the surface of our reality, including the taboos we sweep into dark places, and the truth of our own divinity that we hide from ourselves. Scorpio is also the sign of power and resurrection, death is not to be feared in the underworld, it is understood as a necessary part of the evolutionary process.

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Taurus Full Moon, Releasing into Joy and Earthly Pleasures, Nov 1st, 2020

This Taurus Full Moon will grace the sky hand in hand with Uranus the planet of spontaneity, rebellion and enlightenment bringing sentiments of love, beauty, and joy from surprising places. Swirling around this full moon there also exist thoughts of prosperity, of the earth and our earthly pleasures, of the sensual things that we have embodied, here, to experience, as well as a desire for the kind of balance and harmony that creates a stable and abundant world. 

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The 2020 Great Pause. A Reflection on Beliefs & State of Mind

Now that 2020 is approaching its finale we can take a moment to look back and reflect. From this vantage point we can see in retrospect with the wisdom we may have lacked in a triggered moment.
What do you see when you reflect back? What understanding do you take from it? ⁠Personally and collectively.⁠

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Aries Full Moon, Back to Self

Who am I? What do I represent, what do I value, what brings me joy, what of my gifts and talents do I want to share, in service to the world?⠀

This Aries Full Moon is calling us back to self, but not the old self, rather a self of authenticity which requires a radical letting go. ⠀

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El Na Refa Na La, Ancient Hebrew Mantra for Healing

This is the first mantra I recorded. And recording mantra is a dream I’ve been dreaming into reality for many many years. I wasn’t expecting this one to be the first. I met it a few days before preparing to record this track. The idea originally was that I would just record an instrumental track and then she came to me. 

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Dorothea offers a bespoke energy medicine session that weaves together  an intuitive blend of techniques to to support your process of growth and healing. Sight, scent, sound, touch and taste are intentionally activated to create a holistic experience that takes you into an altered state from where new realities can be created.     

This session is designed to guide you back to a natural state of harmony and ease, a state from where you are in deeper resonance with your vast potential, perceive with more clarity, connect deeper to spirit and align yourself energetically, mentally, physically and emotionally with the path and purpose you are desiring to create. 


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