Our emotional patterns not only shape how we feel each day, but also shape our beliefs, which influence how we experience the world around us, making this moon an important time of reflection, introspection, purging and commitment to change.
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Cancer is the mother archetype and nurturer of the zodiac, she reminds us of the importance of family and of having a close network to create a sense of safety, security, emotional support, and to share in the daily responsibilities of life, those responsibilities that sustain us in physical form.

Cancer also teaches us of the value of putting down roots, and understanding the lineages we come from. Our ancestors, their beliefs, knowledge, actions and wisdom lives inside our DNA and in our unconscious memories. They shape and influence our physical form, and the way we view, experience and interact with the world.

By becoming aware of our inheritance we can appreciate the strengths that our ancestors gifted us, allow their wisdom to guide us, heal the traumas that they could not, and identify limiting beliefs and customs that they were challenged by so we can release, forgive, overcome, celebrate, enhance, or transform what no longer serves.

This awareness also opens us to the possibility of putting down roots that represent our own values, and create new traditions that are in line with how we want to feel and what we want to experience in our day to day, and in our world.

This particular Cancer Full Moon will help illuminate emotional patterns that have held us back from creating this new reality and evolving into our truest potential, these patterns may have been learned from our parents who learned them from theirs etc, etc.

Our emotional patterns not only shape how we feel each day, but also shape our beliefs, which influence how we experience the world around us, making this moon an important time of reflection, introspection, purging and commitment to change.

As the Moon reaches fullness it expands our emotions (as it usually does), but with Pluto the planet of death, rebirth and transformation talking to the Sun and Moon at this Full Moon, it may make it a more intense emotional experience than usual. Though Pluto may create intensity and bring up deep, hidden or uncomfortable emotions, it will also inspire us to investigate, with honesty, the what comes up, so that we can dig down into the truth of why they are there and create space to heal, integrate, or release them, if needed.

Pluto also represents empowerment, so it may challenge some of us to claim our power over how we respond to our emotions, all so that we can transform and channel their energy into something constructive and healthy, into creating something that our hearts have desired but may not have been able to manifest because it was blocked by negative feelings or beliefs.

We have Mercury in retrograde talking to Saturn in Aquarius, their conversation will help us look to the future that we want to create so we can analyse what needs to change, from a place of detachment, and identify the emotional blocks standing in our way. Saturn will inspire us to take responsibility for what needs to change and commit to the process of creating new feeling states, and aligning to new beliefs that will help manifest the reality we want to create. 

We also have Uranus in a friendly conversation with Venus, helping us see negative relationship patterns in a new light so that we can have breakthroughs that lead to attracting emotionally healthy relationships.  By choosing to interrupt and release negative emotional patterns in our relationships we make room to call in the kind of supportive, loving, nurturing network of friends, partners and family that feels in line with our values

Neptune will be talking to the Moon from Pisces, a fellow water sign, encouraging us to treat ourselves and the information that is illuminated at this time with love and compassion. Water represents our emotions, memories, the unconscious realm, and the dreamy mystical part of us that can connect to the boundless wellspring of divine inspirations, this energy will help us treat ourselves, our experiences and others with kindness and forgiveness. 

Neptune’s capacity for unconditional love and Cancers ability to nurture, love and protect will remind us to hold ourselves in a cradle of love while we purge and release negativity and other intense or feelings or memories that come up at this time.

All this heavenly support will help initiate us into a new level of emotional mastery, which is not about evading or controlling our emotions but rather about integrating, accepting, acknowledging, and transmuting their energy into something that feels good. 

We are continually learning to use the energy of the body in a way that our soul can shine and express its full potential, this moon offers an opportunity to take another leap in that direction.


6 Steps to take toward a Full Moon Emotional Release 

  1. In the days surrounding the Full Moon I invite you to take note of the top 5 emotions you feel each day, from a place of witnessing, not self-shaming or criticising. Write them down.
  1. I invite you to notice how they shapes and influence your day. Is it in a positive or negative way? Write it down.
  1. Decide which emotions you want to create more of and which you want to let go. Write it down.
  1. With the emotions you want to let go, write down one pattern interrupt per emotion. Eg, dance, shake, put on your favourite song, mantra, affirmation, take a walk, look at puppy pictures…
  1. With the emotions you want to create more of write down one reward per emotion, something that can prolong that feeling, ie; giving yourself a compliment, taking 5 min to savour it, share it with someone else, give yourself a treat.
  1. Commit to the above and give yourself a five day challenge


By practicing awareness of our negative emotional experiences and gently interrupting and replacing them with positive feeling states we are taking a step toward emotional mastery, the fruit of which is attracting positive experiences, healthy relationships, happier feeling states, and manifesting a more satisfied and content life experience. 

By doing so from a place of love and kindness we allow ourselves to see ourselves fully and do the deeper healing work. The work we do not only benefits us but also future our generations. 

We then get to shape their experiences for the better and create traditions that are healthy, loving, supportive and conscientious. 


With love and light,


Article published in Elephant Journal

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