Cancer New Moon; Mother Medicine (28/29 June 2022)


This new moon is full of the goodness of mother medicine. Divine mother medicine, that is, one that comes from a pure place of unconditional love, support, nurture, care, compassion and feelings of deep security.

Cancer as a cardinal sign represents an initiation, the beginning of a new season, of a new life cycle. It is the first water sign of the zodiac, a feminine element which is receptive, magnetic, and holds emotion, memory and the mystical knowing of how to create life.

Cancer is therefore symbolic of the female body which holds the mystery of how to birth life from the waters of its sacred womb, of the divine feminine within all of us that knows innately how to nurture, nourish, sustain and protect life from a place of unconditional love.

The highest ideal of mother, one that not all of us have experienced, but many of us crave.

We began Cancer season with the auspicious entry of the sun at Solstice June 20/21. And with its entry we were reborn into a new solar cycle, one that marks the change of season, and the changing of the guards.


Now the sign of the crab watches over us. The crab symbolises the hard shell of our rib cage, a structure that protects the heart, lungs, vital organs and our inner world of feelings, thoughts and unknown mysterious workings.

The Solstice offered us an opportunity for a rebirth of our solar selves – our external selves, the extroverted aspect of self that wants to explore the world and understand itself through its interactions within it. Now with the moon connecting to the sun, becoming one, we are offered the opportunity for a new beginning rooted in our inner world.

Are you feeling the call to homeliness, to self-care, to go within and connect to that loving, supportive and nurturing part of yourself?

The divine mother energy of the new moon is awakening us to our need for unconditional love and empathy.

In cancer this love feels like home, like creating a world of safety, comfort, support, nurture, care, kindness, and nourishment for ourselves and those we consider family.

Who are you when you are feeling loved, supported and cared for?

What kind of foundation does that create for you, and what are you able to do (from your solar energy) when your lunar self is feeling taken care of?

Though the divine mother medicine is active right now,

It may taste a little bitter

This is because the sun and moon are conjunct Black Moon Lilith at the new moon. Black Moon Lilith is that aspect of us that has been abandoned or cast out for being independent, or demanding equality. She is that part of us that may feel shunned, or unexpected.

Which begs the question, what part of us, of our feminine energy, of our own mother nature, of our emotional life have we abandoned or need to reclaim?

So that we can come back into balance, and function from an emotionally healthy place?

Jupiter the benevolent gift giver of the solar system is in a square, an angle of friction, with the sun and moon at this new moon, asking us to expand beyond our limits.

Asking us to approach ourselves with care, kindness, acceptance and all those divine mother qualities that creates a sense of comfort, safety and security…

So that we can approach life from an emotionally healthy place.

So that we can create a sense of safety, from within.

So we can acknowledge, love and accept all parts of ourselves.

So that we can create a solid emotional foundation out of which our dreams, intentions, and hearts desires can flourish. 

Again, what potential can you reach for when you are feeling totally loved, safe, supported and nourished? 

That is the question at this New Moon

Can you offer a little of that to yourself? 

You deserve it.

With love and light,


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