Capricorn New Moon: Creating Legacy’s and New Traditions ( January 2nd, 2022)

The first New Moon of the year is a significant one. It sets the tone for the year ahead, and the mood from which we’ll birth ideas and show up in the world.
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The first New Moon of the year is a significant one. It sets the tone for the year ahead, the mood from which you’ll show up in the world and birth ideas.

A Capricorn New Moon is a moon of initiation, mastery, legacy and tradition. It will have you thinking about your place in the fabric of life, your purpose as a thread in the collective tapestry, and the contribution you are committed to making in your world.

Capricorn respect for heritage, reminds us to stand on the shoulders of those who have come before, to respect and honour their teachings so that we can build a future based on the strong foundations of what has proven to work.

To Capricorn, what is proven comes from the wisdom of age which is birthed out of knowledge and experience, both of which evolve through time. 

However, life always provides room for new traditions, new rituals, customs and ceremonies on which we can build our own legacy and leave a unique mark on the world.


Time is under the rule of Saturn, who Lords over Capricorn, our physical existence, our bones, our karma, and the laws of this physical reality. Responsibility and control are a large part of what we learn from Saturn, as is self-mastery and commitment, from which we develop self-respect.

Capricorn understands the intricate and methodical process necessary to make things happen, it does not shy away of the hard work involved. It understands the foundations, steps, structures, resources, skills, and systems needed to get to a goal, which it knows is out there in the future waiting to be reached.

Because of these qualities Capricorn is a master manifestor, making this New Moon a powerful time to set intentions and begin pluck  dreams out of the eathers and shape them into physical form.

What are you ready to manifest at this powerful New Moon at the opening of 2022?

What purpose, project or dream you ready to commit to?

Take some time to sit with your intentions, listen, and be guided from a place of wisdom, commitment and intuition.


You have the support to dream big!

Jupiter entered Pisces December 29th, which created a shift in our collective energy. We had a taste of that May through June of this year. Think back to what may have been happening for you at that time, and notice if it’s made it’s way back around.

Pisces represents that mystical ocean of spirit, of unconditional love. It is the ocean of source energy from where we draw our inspiration and connect to a muse that is then greater us. Where Jupiter goes it amplifies, expands, and brings gifts and luck. When in Pisces it awakens our imagination, our inner artist, musician, poet, and dreamer. Taking us into that dream like state, the creative space in which we can lose ourselves and track of time doing the things we love.

It also helps us remember our own divinity and magnifies our manifesting abilities. Any ideas you have now, any dreams or new found sense of purpose that comes up at this time may be divinely guided, so pay attention.

To add to the magic we also have Uranus moving into a friendly conversation with the Sun as the new year opens up. This alignment is a very fortunate one, it creates heart centred breakthroughs, increases self-confidence, amplifies our radiance, and reminds us to step into the truth of who we are with joy, love, hope and a sense of possibility.

Being that Uranus represents our future, higher consciousness, change, innovation and flashes of insight, and the sun represents our vital life force, make this a very auspicious way to begin anew. To start the year filled with a sense of freedom, hope, and visionary insight is a blessing that we must not pass up.

Mars is also active at this New Moon, it’s in a friendly conversation with Saturn which adds high energy, concentration, and a desire to take action on our intentions, purpose, dreams and the new reality we are ready to bring into existence.  

Being in Sagittarius, Mars has us thinking about our divine mission, and the optimistic change we want to make in the world to turn it into a better place for all, a place of learning and community, love and brotherhood.

Chiron, is supporting this mission by offering healing for the wounds of the past, and helping us letting bygones be bygones which opens space within us to receive, improve our outlook, and focus on our creation process.


Who are you becoming?

With all this celestial support what are you ready to create?

When you think about the mark you want to have on the world, the legacy you want to leave behind, what comes up for you?

This new moon offers an opportunity to re-commit with your purpose, but also start anew, from a place of deep authenticity.

It will support you to open your heart and your mind to dream bigger than you’ve dared before and step courageously onto the path that will be of most support.

Commitment is high, optimism is expanded, vision is wide open and inspired.

From there, dreams have no limits.

Take some time at this New Year, and New Moon, to tune in and listen, so you may understand the best path forward, gain insight on how to gather the best resources and let the manifesting take hold.

Allow yourself to envision the journey, the steps, the skills, and goals necessary along the way to achieving your mission.

Write down what you’re creating and what you’re committing to, and most importantly take the first step.

Allow inspired action to lead the way.

With love and light,


Article Published in Elephant Journal

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