Capricorn New Super Moon: Building the Runway on which the Dream can Land. 23 December 2022.

Welcoming in the last full moon of 2022! A moon that will support us in cutting ties to the past, to ideas of the self that no longer serve, and to beliefs, thoughts and philosophies that keep us from shining our light.

Welcoming in the final New Moon of 2022, and a Super Moon at that! Which means that the moon is closer to the earth in its proximity, and therefore welding its influence more profoundly.

2022 opened up with a Capricorn New Moon, and here we are, now closing the year with one.

A proverbial bookmark and end to a chapter that was characterised by hard work, responsibility, accountability, and the practice of operating from patience and integrity. 

It was also a year of laying foundations, creating systems, and implementing structures that can hold the weight of the long term vision. 

And by putting these core processes in place, with trial and error, we have create a solid and dependable runway on which the bigger, larger, distant dream can land.

Does that resonate?

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the Lord of Karma, a serious planet, cold and austere.

A teacher of strategy, time management, manifestation, and personal mastery. One that is a tough disciplinary, but also one that rewards its students with success and achievement upon overcoming the challenges of growth and mastery that it has assigned.

And so, for those of us who worked hard, and overcame our fears and doubts in some area of life, there will be rewards waiting for us on the other side of 2022.

Rewards we can start claiming in our intention setting at this Capricorn New Super Moon!

Because this moon will be charged with the power of the earth element and its ability to pluck ideas from the ether and give them form.

What are you ready to shape, and mould? To pull down from your dreamscape, a place of wild imaginings, so that you can experience it in the physical realm?

This is the time to do it!

Aspects & Transits 

This particular new moon is also super charged with Solar energy, the life giving, sustaining, and creative force that the sun graciously beams our way.

This is because the week opened up, 19-20 December, with the Sun crossing 27º of Sagittarius, the point at which our solar system aligns with the galactic centre. This crossing gave our sun, the centre of our world and the centre of our being, an energetic and spiritual upgrade.  

After this connection to its own center, the sun went into Solstice, a time of year in which the sun appears to stand still in the sky for 3 days. In this time of stillness it enters Capricorn, and begins a new season. Making Solstice, 22-23 of December, a powerful time of initiation, and rebirth. 


So here we are, on the cusp of this Solar activity, having a New Moon, and adding an emotional alignment to a new season – what a time to manifest!


22 December we had Jupiter enter Aries, to stay through the latter part of 2023. Wherever Jupiter goes it brings gifts, luck, expansion, positivity and abundance. And in Aries it is focusing its influence on our warrior spirit, the aspect of us the wants to go out into the world with courage, independence, strength and drive. All so that we can experience life, and and the self within it. 

22 December also sees a meeting of Venus and Uranus, a friendly conversation that will bring surprises in love, money, and creativity. This connection will spill over and bless the new moon with its electrifying energy of possibility. 

On the New Moon, 23rd of December, Jupiter at the first degree of Aries, will square the Sun and Moon. Causing a moment of realignment to our purpose, one in which we will consider which actions to take, and within what time frame. There may be an impulse to rush, which will come into conflict with the impulse wait and to plan, take a breath, wait, listen, and follow your inner guidance.

How to use the energy of this New Moon

  • Connect to the sun. Find some time to sit quietly under its glow and receive its message and upgrade
  • Take a moment to reflect on your wins this year, write them down
  • Take moment to reflect on your challenges this year, write them down
  • Then consider the lessens these challenges have presented, their silver lining and how overcoming them has shaped who you are now
  • Write them down
  • Then consider how your going to use this growth to sustain and launch you in the new year
  • Write it down
  • How does it feel to have overcome, learnt, grown and achieved? (Even in the smallest way)
  • Write it down, feel it, celebrate it
  • And from this place write dow your vision of 2023, Start with the big goal, and then write down some milestones you’ll celebrate along the way
  • Take those intentions, imbued with your good feels and meditation on them. 
  • Visualise the moment of achieving them, watch them land on the runway, and savour it. Celebrate it. 
 You deserve your wins!

Follow along on YouTube for a Capricorn New Moon Sonic Immersion & Guided Meditation….

And take your manifesting to the next level!


Did you enjoy that? Share in the comments below. 


With love & light, 


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Get notified on articles, events, sound baths, guided meditations, new recording, and special offers coming up!