I just love Virgo season! The Virgo archetype has the innate skills and ability needed to bring order to the chaos of creation.Birthed from Leo (the constellation just before hers), she takes the desires of our hearts, our gifts, talents, and unique self-expressions, and transforms them with her practical magic into something that can grow and thrive in our earth-based reality.

Healing is…. a wave in an ocean of waves that moves through us

What is healing?

Have you stopped to ask yourself that?

In the West we do things linear, we fix things, we have goals and expiration dates. But what if healing doesn’t play by those rules? What if, instead, it is more like a spiral, cyclical, a constant dance?

How would we feel about our ‘results driven’ expectations then?

The 2020 Great Pause. A Reflection on Beliefs & State of Mind

Now that 2020 is approaching its finale we can take a moment to look back and reflect. From this vantage point we can see in retrospect with the wisdom we may have lacked in a triggered moment.
What do you see when you reflect back? What understanding do you take from it? ⁠Personally and collectively.⁠