Cosmic Reset: Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Nov 30, 2020

Art by Lovely @starchildtarot

Eclipse season is upon us and it is an epic game changer for 2021, a cosmic reset of sorts, for our thoughts, our focus, for the way we consume the details of our day, and the mundane activities we participate, especially those that revolve around communication, consuming and generating information, and the effect of media, including social on our understanding of our reality. It also speaks to a switch in the energy of our mind, mindset and mental-scape. 

As you may know, eclipse come back around every 6 months and bring with them an opportunity to course correct and reflect on our progress. They close doors, open new ones and catapult us into the future in fast forward motion (this one is particularly potent in that regard). A full moon or lunar eclipse is more concerned with closing doors, completions, reflections, and celebrations. The moons fullness illuminates our reality and what we’ve achieved, what we still need to work on, what we need to stop working on, and what we need to let go of completely so we can continue progressing on our evolutionary path. 

The Gemini energy bring our attention to the afore mentioned aspects that reflect our conscious mind, the logical thinking mind of the left-brain. We perceive with mind, receive information, find patterns, store them, share them through communication, and then receive feedback, which keeps us connected.

Gemini is also a very curious sign, it wants to ingest information in a light and playful way. It flirts with facts and digests on a superficial, mundane level. The North Node of the Moon – our collective karmic future –  has been in Gemini since May, to remain for 18 months, teaching us how to move into our evolution with this part of our mind in check, how to receive the information age, create boundaries, fact check, use filters, stand for truth, and improve our communication, listening and perception.

In esoteric astrology Gemini represents duality, reflected in the symbol of the twins. This duality manifests in the masculine and feminine, the heart and mind, the left and right brain, and the intuition and logic within us all. These aspects of us constantly search for ways to come into balance and transmute into an alchemical marriage so that we can transcend the duality of the mundane world and live from oneness and unity.

This beacons the question, ‘How do we digest the information in our daily lives in a way that doesn’t have us forming unhealthy beliefs, thought, ideas and conclusion about the world? The answers are as complex as each of us, and unique to us all. Self inquiry will offer your intimate response.

These North Node lessons have reached a peak at this eclipse, giving us an opportunity to purge the things that keep us separate, the thoughts and beliefs that cause division, within ourselves and between us. This includes the thoughts, judgements, words and opinions of other people that we take to heart and allow to shape how we perceive the world and communicate who we truly are.  

Some great news is that Chiron, the wounded healer of our zodiac, is forming a positive aspect to the North and South Nodes of the Moon from the constellation of Aries, offering us rapid change, fast healing, and quick movement into new beginnings, Aries doesn’t dawdle, it sees an opportunity and acts. So, take the time to go within, observe, and listen to what your ready to purge from your mental scape because at this time we can and are rapidly releasing what we think of ourselves, who we communicate ourselves to be, the type of information we gravitate to, the stories we ingested about who we were told to be, and how we were taught to perceive and interpret our realities.

Mercury is hanging out at the last degree of Scorpio, the sign of deep truth and transformation, we can go deep into understanding where we may have gone off course with our thinking, but with Scorpio being a water sign, it could make us feel more intensely, the answer here is to accept our emotions and give them self-love, self-care, self-forgiveness. Remembering to come back to that Gemini light, curious and playful energy. After all, all this is maya, all this, the reality that we have collectively created is an illusion. And our illusions teach us lessons.

So take the lesson, with a light heart, and purge the heaviness of judgement.

Speaking of illusions, Neptune, the planet of illusion, delusion, dreams, imagination, spirit, mysticism, etheric love, and escapism is turning direct November 29th, a day before the Lunar Eclipse! It has been retrograde since June 22nd causing a lot of fog and confusion about what is true and what isn’t true in our world. Neptune has been building up to a square with the Nodes of the Moon, that will exact on Jan 23rd, 2021 – which has added to the intensity of our confusion. But as it goes direct we will begin to see where we have detached from reality or let ourselves get carried away from our dreams. Again, the key is non-judgement and lightness of being.

Some more good news is that Jupiter and Pluto are sextiling Mercury, the ruler of this eclipse, meaning that we can use this time to reflect on the decisions, information, and events of 2020 with personal strength, optimism, and expanded thinking that we can harness to look toward the future, with positivity, empowerment, joy and hope. With Mars now direct squaring Pluto and Saturn we’ve got our sleeves rolled up ready to do the work.

The Sun, our vitality and ego, is in Sagittarius which symbolises the great teacher, wisdom keeper, bringer expansion and joy, and is the custodian of the law, beliefs and religion. Though our moon (feelings and needs) is focused on completion, the sun is looking to an optimistic future, it has in mind the restructuring of our belief systems and life philosophies, based on the reflections of our Moon.  We have the support of this constellation, guiding our Sun, to take the lesson of this year and empower ourselves with knowledge, truth, understanding and wisdom as we move into the next decade. Uranus is quincunx the Sun, offering us moments of enlightenment and genious, innovative ideas to light the path toward a brighter future.

Finally, Uranus is opposed to Venus in Scorpio –  asking us to look at our relationship to others, and ourselves, to find the radical truth of who and what nourishes us so we may approach relationships in a healthier way. Its time to get to the heart of our desires, go into deep love, and a deeper commitment in our relationships.

So much going on! It can seem overwhelming, but with 2020 under our belt there’s nothing we cant handle.

Remember that Gemini is playful, curious and light. It is an Air Element which represents breath, movement and thought. Through our breath we can let go. Use this element to help us in our process. At the Solstice we will have the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, moving us into the Aquarian age and into 150 years of the air element. Can you feel the electricity already? The curiosity and desire to get experimental?

Food for thought: 

Create space at this eclipse season for processing and reflection – go within, trust your own truth and power

Reflect on how have you grown in the last six months. What was going on for you at the last eclipse and what is coming to a close?

Unplug from technology, and take a pause from the airways so that you can create mental space and physical space to create detachment, and get your own intuitive clarity

I am super excited about this eclipse season. The future is bright, because we make it so. We have survived a harrowing transformation and cosmic reset in 2020, so much of our reality has been deconstructed. But now we have the room to build anew, to build a future that is for all, represents all, and treats all with dignity, love and fairness.

I love you, and I believe in your resilience and power to transform.

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