This ASTROLOGICAL CHART READING is designed to help you UNDERSTAND your strengths, become AWARE of your cycles, and EMPOWER you with the KNOWLEDGE of what’s to come.


For this session we need your Birth Date, Time of Birth, and Place of Birth for an accurate reading.

Session times will be in AEST/AEDT timezone, for Melbourne, Australia 

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Sessions are held ONLINE on Zoom

Your time of birth is an Astrological blueprint. This information tells us where the planets were at the sacred moment of your first breath.

That moment weaves a story of you gifts, strengths, challenges, and soul lessons.

It shows us the unique blend of ingredients that make up your personality, dispositions, temperament, emotional signature, and belief patterns.

By looking through the lens of Astrology we can see the cycles you can end, the windows of opportunity you can look forward to, and the potential pathways that your soul journey will present.

Empowering you with this knowledge will help you begin to work within the cosmic flow, validate your journey, and help you make informed decisions that shift the trajectory of your life.


  • Aspects of your personality, and how to honour the differing parts of you – how to recognise your gifts, and overcome your challenges
  • The energies (or archetypes) most prominent in your chart and how to integrate and work with them, or enhance and transform them
  • The karmic past you have come in with, and the path of your dharma – how to move beyond blocks into potential
  • Your soul’s evolution, lessons and purpose
  • Love, money, career
  • Your Solar Return Chart and what’s coming up in your birthday year
  •  The previous and coming eclipse cycles and how they have affected you and will affect your next six months
  • Astrological transits currently affecting you, and how you can make the most of the growth opportunities


“I want to highly recommend Dorothea. I had an astrology reading session with her and she told me to the date when I would receive a publishing contract. She also shared astrological information that explained some groundbreaking changes I went through last year. I plan to have readings with her on an annual basis, and will keep track of the dates she mentioned that are key ones for me this year.”

Estelle Erasmus, Award Winning Journalist & NYU Writing Professor

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By peering through the lens of Astrology we can uncover cycles, windows of opportunity, stress points, and potentials that your soul journey will present.

Empowering you with this knowledge & wisdom will help you:
Begin to work within the cosmic flow
Validate your journey 
Understand your life’s patterns
Make decisions that can shift the trajectory of your life.
** For this session we need your
EXACT time, place and date of brith! **

RESOURCES: This is an Astrological Chart Reading in which we can explore various areas of your life such as relationship, career, soul growth, and future windows of opportunity.