Dreaming Moondance, Sound, Mantra & Meditation & Music

Collage by Alexa Smith. Available through IG @RadiantGlowCollage

Hello beautiful people!

If you know me already you may know that I have an insatiable love of sound, music, mantra and meditation.

I love all these things because they are poetic, they inspire beauty, they empower and affect change on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and soul level.

Because of this deep love I have, I have created Dreaming Moondance as an ode to my beloved, the vibration of sound in its various manifestations. 

Dreaming Moondance is my musical creation and vision of a future band that come together to chant, harmonise, make noise, melody, magic, and poetic expressions inspired by devotion.

If you haven’t already join me on Facebook for updates on events, YouTube for recordings of meditations and mantra, or SoundCloud if you want to immerse in the audio sphere.

Stay connected, send me your thoughts, love, and I’ll return them right back in song

So Much Love,


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