El Na Refa Na La, Ancient Hebrew Mantra for Healing

This is the first mantra I recorded. And recording mantra is a dream I’ve been dreaming into reality for many many years. I wasn’t expecting this one to be the first. I met it a few days before preparing to record this track. The idea originally was that I would just record an instrumental track and then she came to me. 
I’ve had the thought of appropriation swimming around in my mind, trying to take form, understands it’s self and boundaries within me. So it made sense when this mantra came to me that I should record something from my own lineage, my jewish ancestry. 
I hope it brings you what your highest self is calling into existence. I hope it extends beyond you to affect your community, your habitat, but mostly Mother Earth.
El Na Refa Na La is a Hebrew prayer that translates to:
‘Please God, Heal Her Now’.
Once the recording process began I felt a call to dedicate this mantra to Mamma Earth, for her healing. She is hurting, raging, crying, unleashing her wrath, destroying, no longer to be silenced. And she needs our love, commitment, and resolve to help.
With our support may she transform with ease and grace, and may we change our ways for her, and for the betterment of all. This is my prayer.
If you feel the call, join me in meditation on this mantra, tuning into the vibrations of healing, sending it across time and space to mamma earth, mamma nature, the animals and the people affected by the natural disasters we’ve experienced in 2020….
Wild fires in Brazil, California, Oregon, Australia.
Floods in Indonesia and India.
Volcanic eruption in the Philippines.
Earthquakes in Jamaica, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, Iran, Caribbean, India.
Desert Locus swarms in East Africa, Asia and India.
Cyclone Amphan in India and Bangladesh.
Antarctic and Greenland, ice turning green with algae, ice sheets melting.
Oil spills and waste creating dead zones in our oceans.
High speed winds and hurricanes, USA.
Toxic water, toxic air, globally.
Deforestation, globally.
Send that same love and healing to anyone else in your life who may need it, including yourself.
Though love is cause for miracles, may we have the strength and courage to back our intentions effort and change.
Big thank you to Alexander Cann @ LexicanMan.com for his support with sound engineering

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