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There are no footprints in the water

No stars to map a liquid sky

The ghosts that rest beyond the moonlight

Have no mouths to speak in tongues


I am set free into vast waters

No sun to illuminate my path

Shadows outnumber and extinguish

The grand illusions of daylight


My cup is full of sacred knowledge

From a place light has not touched

I drink of truth from oceans darkness

And wade deeper into night


In the dark of consternation

I seek reflections of the gods

But faith forsakes the luminary

Who wonders beyond the great mirage


Beneath this weight of revelation

I lay alone on a bed of doubt,

On oceans’ floor death comes to taunt,

Of no return to ignorance


Seek and you shall find, in deluge,

The mysteries drowning the false lights

In the still of my imaginings

I conceive my inner guide



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