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FULL MOON: Sound Immersion & Guided Meditation (Thornbury, Vic)

June 4 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm AEST

Join us for the Sagittarius Full Moon Sound Bath & Guided Meditation

***Arrive approx. 10 minutes early to check in. Studio provides blankets, mats and bolsters but feel free to bring mat, blanket and pillow or what ever helps you get comfortable so you can relax into the experience***

Limited Early Bird tickets available, grab yours before they sell out!


$49.50 Limited Early Bird, ends by 14 May 10.30pm!

$55 Full Price

Immerse in the Experience:

Join us for this powerful Sagittarius Full Moon, a time of expansion, visioning, and illumination.

We’ll breathe together with a pranayama to relax us into the present, chant mantra to quiet the mind, and experience a guided meditation to melt us deeper into the now.

From there we’ll immerse in the vibrations of a sound bath to help create space for deep relaxation and the release of tension, stress, and stagnant energy.

When we enter this tranquil and expanded state of being, the mind, body, emotions, and spirit have the opportunity to soothe, re-calibrate, and restore to inner harmony.

From this place of harmony we can build, align and connect to a greater potential.

Reiki Offering: Participants will be offered the gentle loving energy of Reiki in our Sound Experience. Reiki is the energy of unconditional love, and when tuned into and directed by a practitioner it can support with health, harmony and healing on a mental, emotional, physical and energetic level.

Sagittarius Full Moon :

Sagittarius is the sign of the Centor, half man, half animal, representing our instinct and intellect.

The symbol for the sign in is a bow and arrow.

The Centor aims this bow and arrow for the sky… sending it far over the mountain, over the horizon, over, above, and beyond the limits of his physical reality.

Into a place of possibility, into a place of inspired divine vision.

This Centor, represents that wanderer in us, that part of us who wants to travel beyond the known limits, into greener pastures, into a place of ideals, of possibilities. That part of us that wishes to transcend the physical limits and embody the mind of the divine.

This full moon will help us see, under its luminous glow, what it is we are ready to believe about ourselves and our future, as well as what it is we need to let go… so that we can forge a path toward it.

About the instruments:

We will immerse in the soothing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls that have been hand crafted and blessed by Monks. These bowls are made of the seven metals that represent the seven visible planets, created with the intent to bring us back into harmony and resonance with the rhythm of life.

We’ll tune into the sounds of droning instruments, and enter a light trance as the monotones calm the mind and bring it to quiet.

We’ll bathed in the vibrations of the symphonic gong, which holds the sounds of the solar system, as recorded by NASA, allowing us to transcend the physical.

We’ll chant to tune our own instruments, our voices and bodies, and calibrate our being to sound codes that support our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health

All this will happen within a soundscape of natural percussion instruments, infused with vibrational medicine.

And as we entrain to these sounds we will come into harmony with the vibrations inherent in nature, in the planets, and in the cosmos.

Proven Benefits of Sound Therapy:

** Reduces stress and anxiety

** Improve immune and nervous system health

** Improves sleep and relaxation

** Boosts your mental, emotional and energetic state of being

** Helps release emotional tension

** Helps you maintaining a healthy spiritual and self-care practice



Start time | Lock out: We understand that stuff happens, and that we are all late sometimes, but due to the nature of these event, it’s important that guests arrive on time. Late arrival can be distracting to the other participants, so latest entry will be 15min after start time. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and hope that you understand. On that note, come a little early, grab a cup of tea, smile at a stranger, and settle into your spot ;).

What to bring: Studio provides mats, blankets and bolsters, but please feel free to bring a mat, pillow, blanket, or whatever helps you get comfortable so you can relax into the experience.

Location: Prana House: Level 1/885 High St. Thornbury VIC, Australia

Parking and Transportation:

Please note, there are no parking lots at this part of High Street and street parking can be challenging on weekends, so make sure to factor extra time in your travels for parking, and city traffic (particularly Saturday evenings).

Non-restricted street parking can be found on Pender Street (off of High Street, directly opposite the studio) and other surrounding side streets. The Studio is a five-minute walk from the Thornbury railway station and on the 86 Tram Line (closest to Stop 41 – Blythe Street).

Accessibility:Prana House is a one flight walk up. If you require assistance, please let us know ahead of the event.

The studio has chairs for those not able to lay down for meditation.

We will be serving tea and light vegan & gluten free snacks at the event. Come a little early to check in, settle in, and make yourself a cuppa.

Refund Policy: Refunds can be issued up to 72 hrs before the event, exceptions are made in special circumstances. Refunds are not available for missed events. Transfers are possible within a reasonable time(at least 6 hrs notice before the event start time). Please note, Eventbrite charges admin fees which are not refundable.

Please email events@dorothealucaci.com within a reasonable time frame for any changes.


About Your Facilitator:

Dorothea Lucaci is an intuitive healing artist, astrologer and musician.

She has spent the past 8 years studying sound healing, mantra, and the mystical wisdom of the ancients with various teachers from differing traditions across NYC, Melbourne and around the world.

She offers Sound Journeys, Mantra, Meditation, and Past Life Regression events as well as Reiki Initiations.

Along her educational journey she became a Sound Therapist, Reiki Master, Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, and Astrologer, who also holds a Bachelor of Social Science and Psychology. In addition to these disciplines Dorothea has studied Past Life Regression, Integrative Hypnosis, Life Coaching, the Akashic Records, Access Bars, and other complementary Energy Medicine modalities.

All of which she brings to her facilitator practice, with the intention of offering support to other seekers traveling along their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical growth and healing journey.


Prana House
Level 1/885 High St
Thornbury, VIC 3160 Australia
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