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IN PERSON: New Moon Past Life Regression & Sound Journey

May 21 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm AEST


Join us for a Past Life Regression and Sound Journey taking place under the light of the Taurus New Moon, a sign that reminds us to embody the gift of life, be present, and receive of this earthly garden of delight.

We are now post eclipse season, a time of great soul guided shifts, a time of inspiration, clarity and new direction.

We will work with the sacred pattern of the flower of life to travel through lifetimes, gain awareness, connect to the wisdom locked within and allow its geometric portal to create inner harmony.


About the experience:

This is a workshop I like to call ‘going to the movies’, but instead of watching something on a physical screen, we are watching scenes in our internal world. Critiquing and chatting about them as we go…over popcorn and snacks, of course.

Together we will ease our way into the experience with breath and meditation so we may enter a receptive place of stillness, and align mind and heart in preparation for the journey.

We’ll move through various scenes, from your souls inception for the purpose of self-inquiry, awareness, growth and healing.

We’ll take some time to reflect on the experience together, holding space for sharing in the group, and explore the symbolism along the way. Sound will guide our journey of regression, taking us deeper into the experience and expanding our state of consciousness to receive.

Are you ready to uncover memories stored within your unconscious?

Then come join us for this very special journey!

What is Past Life Regression?

A Past Life Regression is an exploration of other lifetimes and incarnations.

Within a session, participants are guided into a light hypnotic state by the facilitator, which will help them move beyond the conscious mind and into the unconscious so they may access hidden pasts of their consciousness. This is done through the suggestion and gentle verbal queues of the facilitator.

As a technique for self-inquiry and exploration of consciousness Past Life Regression Therapy is a powerful tool. It can help you better understand your connection to certain people, places, objects, experiences, or recurring life cycles which may be creating dis-ease in this lifetime. Clarity about current events can also come as reflected through past experiences.

As an alternative healing therapy Past Life Regression can offer closure on key lessons you’ve been learning over lifetimes. It can also help you understand unresolved emotions, phobias, beliefs or fears that may have carried through to this lifetime.

As a spiritual practice it can help develop your intuition and open your psychic centres to become more in-tune with your interconnected vastness, and your timeless nature. You can touch the essence of life and get a taste of the greater mystical journey of existence.

New Moon in Taurus

Taurus is the garden of delight, of earthy pleasure, of sensuality and leisure. And here we are after eclipse season, after the big transformational shifts we’ve had over the past few months, the epiphanies, realisations. In a place where we can access greater clarity.

In a place inspired by beauty, simplicity, and value. In a place were we can more easily embody and activate some of those lessons and new found inspired directions that the transformational months of March and April brought us.

A beautiful time to draw the inspirations of the divine down into the physical

What to expect:

**Breathing exercise to create inner resonance

**Meditation to help prepare us for the experience

**Guided Past Life Regression to awaken our memories

**Time to discuss, process and share our experiences

**Astrological insight to invite awareness

**Sound infusion to deepen the experience

About Dorothea Lucaci:

Dorothea Lucaci is an intuitive healing artist, astrologer and musician.

Along her educational journey she became a Reiki Master, Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, Astrologer, and Sound Therapist, who also holds a Bachelor of Social Science and Psychology. In addition to these disciplines Dorothea has studied Past Life Regression, Integrative Hypnosis, Life Coaching, the Akashic Records, Access Bars, and other complementary Energy Medicine modalities.

Dorothea has spent the past 7 years studying sound and music extensively with various teachers from different traditions across NYC, Melbourne and around the world. She offers Sound, Mantra, Chants, Meditation, and Past Life Regression events as well as bespoke private healing sessions using her vast expertise.

For more information on Dorothea’s offerings head to doorthealucaci.com



Things to note:

Centre of You has plenty of bolsters, blankets, and cushions for you to get cosy with. We recommend wearing comfortable, loose clothes to enable deep breathing and sitting/laying upon the floor with ease. A journal is recommended as are any familiar personal items that will aid you in feeling grounded (crystal, teddy, scarf, etc).

Arrival: Endeavour to arrive between 5:45pm – 6:00pm. To preserve the experience for all involved, doors will close at 6:15pm. Truly, it breaks our heart to have to turn latecomers away yet the disruption to the whole group experience by virtue of lateness does require management. We ask that you find understanding and consideration for the timebound nature of the container and make every effort to arrive on time.

Driving: Know Centre of You is on Chapel St and ample time to find a car spot is best to be factored into your plans. Park direct on Chapel St (spots unmetered after 5pm) or in Anchor Place, the open-air parking lot in the side street that runs opposite Centre of You (unmetered after 4pm).

Public transport – tram: Both the number 6 tram & 78 tram stop on the corner of High St/Chapel St. This is stop 31 on the number 6 tram (Moreland/Glen Iris) & stop 45 on the number 78 tram (North Richmond/Balaclava).

Public transport – train: Both Prahran & Windsor stations along the Sandringham Line will get you walking distance to Centre of You.

Finding Centre of You: Centre of You is nestled within the arcade that Chapel St Bazaar is in (217 Chapel St). It is up a flight of stairs with a wide landing at the half-way-point. Unfortunately, this current version of Centre of You does not have a wheelchair accessible lift. If you could use support in getting up the stairs or would like to discuss ways to make your experience at Centre of You more comfortable, please reach out via grace@centreofyou.com.au or via DM over on Centre of You Instagram.

Accessibility: At COY we aim to ensure our community and events are inclusive and accessible while alongside upholding the needs and responsibilities of our business and the businesses of our collaborating facilitators. Should you be in a time of financial challenge and unable to pay the full ticket price comfortably, please reach out to grace@centreofyou.com.au

Ticketing T&Cs: We get it, life happens, therefore we will gladly refund you up until 24hrs before the event start time. After that, we have a strict no refund/no transfer to future events policy.

If you are no longer able to attend and wish to pay forward your ticket to someone within the community, be in touch via grace@centreofyou.com.au or via DM over on Centre of You Instagram.

Questions? Email grace@centreofyou.com.au or reach out via Instagram DM.


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