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ONLINE: Full Moon Eclipse Sound Healing Meditation & Activation

May 6 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am AEST

This event that will be held on Zoom

Arrive a little early to check in, bring some headphones for better listening, and find a quiet spot to relax and immerse in the experience.


Join the Creation Weavers Community:

I’ve been working behind the scenes to weave a dream into the fabric of reality. This dream has now taken form, it is the Creation Weavers community space. A place where intentional community can come to gather, activate, align, transform, and manifest the dream.

A place that moves us along our own personal path of freedom. A place that reconnects us to our own unique soul dance. A place that harnesses the power of tribe to shift, grow and create.

We gather under the light of the new and full moons to mediate, visualize, intend, and actualize using the power of sound healing, the knowledge of the stars, and the transformative frequencies of vibrational medicine. If this sounds like your tribe, click the link to find out about the Creation Weavers


Immerse in the Experience:

Join us for this Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, a powerful time to connect to, and activate the life force within.

We’ll breathe together with a pranayama to relax us into the present, chant mantra to quiet the mind, and experience a guided meditation to melt us deeper into the present moment.

From there we’ll immerse in the vibrations of a sound bath, which will create space for deep relaxation and the release of tension, stress, and stagnant energy.

When we enter this tranquil and expanded state of being, the mind, body, emotions, and spirit have the opportunity to soothe, re-calibrate, and restore to inner harmony.

From this place of harmony we can build, align and connect to a greater potential.


Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse:

At it’s core, Scorpio represents truth and power, metaphorically, this is symbolized by deep, dark waters. Mysterious and alluring.

These deep waters reflect the vastness of our unconscious workings, where in lay’s the codes to our existence, transformation, and ultimate empowerment.

Within the unconscious working of our body and being exists the truth that we are creators; constantly creating ourselves, constantly changing, and constantly evolving.

This full moon will help illuminate our inherent power, reminding us of our potential, and the truth of the magic that lays within.


Proven Benefits of Sound Therapy:

** Reduces stress and anxiety

** Improve immune and nervous system health

** Improves sleep and relaxation

** Boosts your mental, emotional and energetic state of being

** Helps release emotional tension

** Helps you maintaining a healthy spiritual and self-care practice


Friends of the world, please note the start time applicable to your timezone:



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It will be 6 May 2023 in these areas:

10AM AEDT (Melbourne AU Time)

NZ, 12pm;

TOKYO, 8am;



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