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IN PERSON: Full Moon: Sound Bath & Guided Meditation

September 10 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm AEST

Immerse in soothing sounds, meditate, chant and bliss out

***Arrive approx. 10 minutes early to check in. Bring a pillow and blanket, or whatever helps you get comfortable so you can relax into the experience***

This is an IN-PERSON event held at Prana House:

Level 1/885 High St, Thornbury VIC, Australia

Pisces Full Moon:

Come join us for this Full Moon Sound Bath & Guided Meditation.

This Pisces full moon will offer a window of opportunity to embrace your creative potential, receive divine inspiration, and get lost in the beauty of play and imagination.

Pisces rules over music, art, spirituality and mysticism, it helps us transcend the here and now by opening us to the endless ocean of creativity, from where all things come. And when we step into that ocean, we enter a place that is beyond our perceived limits.

With the moon (and Neptune close by) in this sign, we can capture the essence of life and allow it to guide us into a place of wholeness and pure potential.

With the Sun in Virgo creating a healing aspect with Saturn, we have the opportunity to use the earth energy to draw down what is divinely inspired and give it form, in practical and achievable ways

Immerse in the Experience:

You’ll be guided into the experience with a gentle breathing technique to bring you into the present moment, and a heart centred chant to quiet the mind and drop you into your experience.

From there we will journey through a meditation to awaken to the boundless possibilities that exist beyond our conscious limits, and release into our potential to receive, accept, and share our creative expression.

We’ll immerse in the vibrations of a sound bath to relax the body, release tension, rejuvenate the mind, and align to our vision and intention. The sound currents will bring you into a deeply restorative state in which your body and being can repair, and restore to harmony.

Proven Benefits of Sound Therapy:

** Reduces stress and anxiety

** Improve immune and nervous system health

** Improves sleep and relaxation

** Boosts your mental, emotional and energetic state of being

** Helps release emotional tension

** Helps you maintaining a healthy spiritual and self-care practice

About Dreaming Moondance:

Dorothea Lucaci is an intuitive healing artist, astrologer and musician.

Along her educational journey, and search for personal enlightenment, she became a Reiki Master, Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, Astrologer, and Sound Therapist.

Dorothea also holds a Bachelor of Social Science and Psychology, and has studied complementary modalities such as Past Life Regression, Integrative Hypnosis, Life Coaching, the Akashic Records, Access Bars, and other Energy Medicine techniques.

Dorothea has spent the past 7 years studying sound and music extensively with various teachers from different traditions across NYC, Melbourne and around the world. She offers Sound, Mantra, Chants, Meditation, and Past Life Regression events as well as bespoke private healing sessions using her vast expertise.


Prana House
Level 1/885 High St
Thornbury, VIC 3160 Australia
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Never miss a new & full moon update

Get notified on articles, events, sound baths, guided meditations, new recording, and special offers coming up!