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ONLINE MASTERCLASS: Past Life Regression and Sound Journey

June 29 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm AEST

Free - A$20.00

* Please note we have a date change from 2 June to 29th June, apologies for the inconvenience!*

*** This is an online event that will be held on Zoom, when joining the meeting please use the same name you purchased tickets with. Please endevaour to arrive on time. To prevent distraction, the latest arrival is 10min after start time! So please arrive a little early, bring some headphones for better listening, and find a quiet spot to relax and immerse in the experience. ***

This will be an interactive worshop, inviting those attending to have their cameras on and to be open to sharing their experience. We will set aside time to connect, explore and share.

In this regression, we will focus on the archetype of The Story Teller, the Gemini season dominant force. We will be exploring ways in which we can express our own truth, share our stories, and communicate what we value with those in our circles, and communitis, in a way that serves our intentions, purpose and desires.

About the experience:

This is a workshop I like to call ‘going to the movies’, but instead of watching something on a physical screen, we are watching scenes in our internal world. Workshopping and chatting about them as we go… over popcorn, tea and snacks (of course ;).

Together we will ease our way into the experience with a breathing and meditation technique so we may enter a receptive place of stillness, and align mind and heart in preparation for the journey.

We’ll move through various scenes, life experiences from your souls inception, for the purpose of self-inquiry, awareness, growth and healing.

We’ll take some time to reflect on the experience together, holding space for sharing in the group, and explore the symbolism along the way. Sound will guide our journey of regression, taking us deeper into the experience and expanding our state of consciousness to receive.

Are you ready to uncover memories stored within your unconscious?

Then come join us for this very special journey!

What is Past Life Regression?

A Past Life Regression is an exploration of other lifetimes and incarnations.

Within a session, participants are guided into a light hypnotic state by the facilitator, which will help them move beyond the conscious mind and into the unconscious so they may access hidden pasts of their consciousness. This is done through the suggestion and gentle verbal queues of the facilitator.

As a technique for self-inquiry and exploration of consciousness Past Life Regression Therapy is a powerful tool. It can help you better understand your connection to certain people, places, objects, experiences, or recurring life cycles which may be creating dis-ease in this lifetime. Clarity about current events can also come as reflected through past experiences.

As an alternative healing therapy Past Life Regression can offer closure on key lessons you’ve been learning over lifetimes. It can also help you understand unresolved emotions, phobias, beliefs or fears that may have carried through to this lifetime.

As a spiritual practice it can help develop your intuition and open your psychic centres to become more in-tune with your interconnected vastness, and your timeless nature. You can touch the essence of life and get a taste of the greater mystical journey of existence.

What to expect:

**Breathing exercise to create inner resonance

**Meditation to help prepare us for the experience

**Guided Past Life Regression to awaken our memories

**Time to discuss, process and share our experiences

**Sound infusion to deepen the experience

About Dorothea Lucaci:

Dorothea Lucaci is an intuitive healing artist, astrologer and musician.

She has spent the past 9 years studying sound healing, mantra, voice, and the mystical wisdom of the ancients with various teachers from differing traditions across NYC, Melbourne and around the world.

Along her educational journey she became a Sound Therapist, Reiki Master, Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, and Astrologer, who also holds a Bachelor of Social Science and Psychology. In addition to these disciplines Dorothea has studied Past Life Regression, Integrative Hypnosis, Life Coaching, the Akashic Records, Access Bars, and other complementary Energy Medicine modalities. All of which she brings to her facilitator practice, with the intention of offering support to other seekers traveling along their transformational journey.

She offers Sound Journeys, Mantra, Voice Activation, Meditation, and Past Life Regression workshops.


June 29
11:00 am - 12:30 pm AEST
Free - A$20.00
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