Freedom from the Old: Uranus, Mars, North Node Conjunction (31 July 2022)

Themes: Freedom, breakthrough, visionary ideas, spiritual awakening, innovation.

Square Saturn – tradition, government, structures, control, commitment, duty, integrity, fear, doubt, mastery, discipline.

This could feel like: Speeding time lines, taking inspired action, rebelling against the old, breaking free of top down order and control, embracing the fringe, standing up against oppression and inequality, asserting your independence and individual needs, embracing your authentic expression.

Uranus spends 7 years in each sign and revolutionises our understanding of its energy, giving us the opportunity for break through, so we can break free of the old and forge new future driven paths based on visionary ideas.

 It entered Taurus 16 May 2018, and meets the North Node 31 July 2022 – about the half way point of its transit. 

This will offer a massive opportunity for awakening to our values, our truth, take a more authentic and conscientious approach to our lives and purpose here, on earth, and within our collective.

This will offer a massive opportunity for awakening to our values, our truth, take a more authentic and conscientious approach to our lives and purpose here, on earth, and within our collective.

Uranus meets the North Node every 17 years…

In 2007 in Pisces – the launch of twitter and iPhone. Explosion of social media

In 1991 Aries – the fall of the Soviet Union. Cell phones and the www brought to the public


The last time Uranus, Mars and the North Node met was 325 BC

This was the time of Alexander the Great – who connected the east to the west by restoring the Silk Road, and bringing Babylonian astrology and Arabic mystical practices back to Europe after a dark period – connecting people on a large scale


This is exciting stuff!

Revolutionary stuff!

Are you ready to ride the wave?

To connect to your community and human family in a new way?

To tune into that enlightened moment, which will come like flash, to bring a dream to life?

Can you master the courage, the belief, the self worth and self esteem necessary to step into your potential to be a leader?

I know its in you! You are magic. If you ride the wave, you can break free of the past and create a life based in the desires of your hear! Are you feeling this?

What’s coming up for you as we approach this transit?


Key Words:

Uranus: mass communication, freedom, breaking old structures, rebellion, innovation, enlightenment, flashes of genius, shock, light bulb moments, technological advancements, the new, individuality, eccentricity, consciousness exploration, inventions, mad scientist, community, equality, individuality, visionary ideas, awakening, realisation of higher knowledge, growth and evolution

North Node: Karmic future, soul path, collective growth, total shift of perspective. 

Mars – doer, conquer, action, explosive, courage, speed, anger, energy, divine masculine, drive, passion, instigator, warrior.

Taurus – money, banking, prosperity, abundance, exchange, body the senses, self worth, value, food, the earth, nature, simplifying, security, slowing down, being self sufficient, sustainable, resourceful, building skills, conscientious living, beauty, self- worth, value, voice, music, art, creativity,  fashion.

What resonates, and in which alchemical concoction will this manifest for you? 

 Uranus in Taurus since 2018…

Taking note of the key words about and some of the ways these energies can work together, consider what has happened since Uranus entered Taurus in 2018

From my point of view I have noticed

– an explosion in sound healing (Uranus – innovation, enlightenment / Taurus – rules thoat, voice, ears, music, singing)

– the rise of digital currency and alternative means of exchange based on a value driven economy

– more emphasis on agriculture, going back to organic, valuing soil health, returning to growing our own food

– mass exodus from city living, with many people going off grid or moving into a lifestyle of self sustainability

– a rise in simplifying of lifestyles and downgrading 

– people reconnecting to nature and awakening to their interconnected and interdependent relationship with it

What have you noticed? 

We are at the half way point of Uranus’ transit through Taurus and with its meeting with the North Node, we are about to be faced with the opportunity to catapult into the future as if shifting timelines or skipping steps.  

It’s our responsibility to take the inspired action, follow our hearts and have the courage to stand for our truth. 


With love and light,


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Do more of that. That’s what life is about. Really. It’s about living and breathing the pleasures that make your soul dance.

Become the dream locked inside.

You deserve it. You deserve more than most people would let themselves believe. Because you are an emanation of the divine. And the divine wants the fullness of your experience.  

What is it that you desire? The thing you dare not speak? 

Say it. Find the community that will support it. Release what resists it.

Become the full expression of your magic.

You won’t look back. I promise.


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