Gemini Full Moon: Release the Small Mind (7/8 December 2022)

Welcoming in the last full moon of 2022! A moon that will support us in cutting ties to the past, to ideas of the self that no longer serve, and to beliefs, thoughts and philosophies that keep us from shining our light.

As this Gemini moon reaches fullness, the mind expands, the emotions build, and the reflections intensify.

Full moons illuminate, they show us what we need to see so that we can grow emotionally.

So that we can release, complete and get closure on experiences, memories, and understanding of self that we need to move beyond, and break free of. 

A full moon in Gemini will illuminate the qualities of communication, perception, speech, listening, thinking, analysing, sharing information, logic and all those left brain functions that require organised thought. 

It will also bring out our social side, and curious playful nature, having us move between ideas, between conversations, between perceptions so that we can learn, and adapt to our surroundings.

The sun is across the sky in Sagittarius, which represents our higher mind, our philosophical nature, our beliefs, our faith, our understanding of the natural laws that govern this reality, and our desire to believe in something greater so that we can make sense of our purpose in life. 

With the sun reflecting it’s light onto the moon, we will be influenced by higher mind. 


We will be shown the limits of our small mind and small minded thinking, and what it has created for us in our immediate environment. 

If our beliefs shape our reality – and therefore what it is we attract – then does it go with saying that our external world is a reflection of our internal processes? 

Mars is traveling retrograde, and has been in Gemini for some months. It will be exact to the moon as she reaches fullness, offering energy, drive, will, and a warrior spirit in our reflections for the year, and ruminating minds. 

Mars offers a sword, one we can use to sever our ties to the fears, the doubts, the limiting beliefs about what we are capable of.

A sword to cut the memories mind grasps at to prove itself right and keep us ‘safe’ from the unknown, ‘safe’ from other’s judgement, ‘safe’ from failure – aka, stop us from evolving! 

Take a moment in the glow of the moon to reminisce on this year, and consider: 

What you are ready to leave behind?

What beliefs have stopped you from living your truth?

What limiting thoughts have talked you out of following your heart?

Mars represents our physical power, our courage, strength and independence. You can use his energy to cut unhealthy ties to the past, and to small mind. 

But, be careful how you use its power. The sword of Mars can make a for a sharp tongue, and have us opening wounds with our reactionary fire; creating suffering rather than resolving what needs to be completed and left behind. 

Saturn, the lord of karma, will be in a friendly conversation with Mars, the sun and moon, offering reason, responsibility, and a realistic view of our situation. 

Helping us slow down, before we react, and ground in our integrity. 

Saturn will also help us make a commitment to a long term goal, one who’s hard work we are willing to take on, knowing the rewards will be great.

This long term goal will foreshadow the theme of 2023, for each of us individually. 

What are you ready to put your mind, heart, and hard work toward achieving in the new year? 

Listen to the excitement that stirs within when you ask that question.

It is there that you will find the truth of the direction you must go in.

Neptune, the planet of illusion and all things mystical, will be in square to Mars, the sun and moon, potentially creating some confusion and fog. Perhaps your rumination and reflections does not offer a clear path. 

But, this could be so because you are looking at the future from a limiting mental construct. If you rise above the small mind, the limiting beliefs that keep you suffering, the mental conditions that keep you hedged in a reality that doesn’t serve your bigger vision, you can see beyond the fog and into love, compassion, acceptance, unity and divine inspiration. 

Rise into the knowing that we are infinite beings, capable of the unimaginable – if only we had the faith of a proverbial mustard seed. 

The future is just over there, just past December land. 

And here we have an opportunity to leave some of the last heavy bags behind so that we can lighten our load for the last leg of the journey, and enter a new realm, lighter and freer.

What will you leave behind?

Try this guided mediation to relieve you off the limits of the small mind

Gemini Full Moon Sonic Immersion & Guided Meditation

With Love & Light,


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