Healing is.... A wave in an ocean of waves that move through us.

What is healing?

Have you stopped to ask yourself that?

In the West we do things linear, we fix things, we have goals and expiration dates. But what if healing doesn’t play by those rules? What if, instead, it is more like a spiral, cyclical, a constant dance?

How would we feel about our ‘results driven’ expectations then? 

It is my belief that healing moves through us in endless ways, like waves moving toward the sand they form before us, touch us, wash us to shore, and dissolves.

No wave is the same, no healing experience is the same.
Healing comes in laughter, in nature, in the medicine of good friends, in moments of awe, in expressions of beauty that captivate our souls, in acts of love, and ‘ah ha’ moments, in nourishment and in kindness.
Like waves in ever changing waters, in oceans, rivers, creeks, and lakes, a healing appears in many forms, shapes, sizes, intensities, and durations.

It can tickle us, embrace us, feel fleeting, keep us afloat, or it can be so powerful that its currents sends us on a different course.
Like everything else healing is a wave in a family of waves, in an endless ocean of waves that are experience. It is a vibration that turns into a particle the moment we stop to witness it, it intersect our current, interrupts, interacts, and changes us…. sometimes for what feels like forever, sometimes for just a moment.
But like waves healing is ever changing, spontaneous and unpredictable. ever moving, ever changing course. Of course, there are steps we can take toward recovery, toward feeling whole, but we must let go of the control and expectation of how our healing will unfold, lest we be deeply disappointed and permanently discouraged.

If we think of our healing in terms of a journey, an interaction with vibrations we can move with, move through, or try to avoid. Then we lighten our load of expectation. 

Then healing becomes a dance with endless waves in a limitless ocean. 
Don’t be discouraged at your progress.

When we know ourselves as waves sharing experience, perhaps progress takes on a new meaning, perhaps then we begin to let go of trying to fix or judge or measure who we are, what we’ve achieved and where we’re going.

Play, move, feel, interact with the energy, the vibrations of healing, of differing modalities, schools of thought, techniques. Find the one that works for you. Find a few.

Just play


With love and light, 



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