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Image Consulting

Dorothea Lucaci is a prominent figure in the New York fashion landscape. Over the course of a decade long career in the fashion industry she has worked with top magazines and high end brands to develop editorial content, styled runway shows and red carpet events, and consulted with a variety of private clients on image, wardrobe, and personal branding.

Dorothea approaches image consulting from a unique perspective, combining her fashion forward style with her knowledge of astrology, energy, and ancient ceremonial wear to develop a personal style and wardrobe that awakens each client's inner essence and beauty. She supports clients in aligning their inner world of passion, purpose, and power with their outer world of impressions, visual statements, and intentions.

A consultation takes on a holistic approach, delving into aspects such as career, personality, self expression, hobbies, play, relationship, social life, and life direction. Upon exploring these elements an image of the self begins to emerge, and a blending of

styles are explored to create the perfect wardrobe to highlight each client's unique aesthetic; ultimately creating a visual celebration of the merging together of each individuals inner and outer beauty.