Any of you artistic and creative souls feeling deeply absorbed in your craft right now? ⁠⁠
I’m most certainly in the deep waters of inspiration! All I can do, breathe, and think is music, poetry, and make belief! (I once was a fashion stylist and loved putting on ‘outfits’ that embodied a certain quality cause it got me into the right mood and frame of mind).⁠⁠
I know I’m not alone, cause we’re under the influence of the pervasive rays of Jupiter, beaming on us from Pisces, the sign of spirit, inspiration, creativity, love, connection, and fantasy…. making this a most magical time to dance with dreams. ⁠⁠
And when our minds believe our dreams to be real, and we allow ourselves to get completely swept into the illusion, emotions and all, we can manifest our creations with more ease (studies show that visualization improves athlete performance!).⁠ ⁠⁠
So, please give yourself permission to play! Swim in that ocean of dreams and reach into its furthest corners for divine guidance. You’ll find that you don’t have to go very far to find your vision, or the ending of that song…⁠⁠
You see, Pisces also represents completion, and we have Mercury (Mind) going retrograde, so if you have projects collecting dust on shelves, revisit them, they may be ripe. ⁠⁠
Jupiter is the Ancient ruler of Pisces so his influence is extra powerful here, where he goes he expands energy, brings joy, optimism, luck, and healing. ⁠This transit will end July 27, so take advantage of what comes knocking. ⁠⁠
But don’t stress, it is just a taste of 2022, Jupiter will return to settle into Pisces in December, so any projects you begin at this time may reach full fruition after December. ⁠⁠
Keep a pen and paper close, ideas will come in fast. But they wont wait for you to be ready, and if your not they’ll move on to someone else. ⁠⁠
⁠ ⁠⁠
Transits like these births creations that influence a generation. But it is not only about the art, it is about the spirit of service, transcendence, and unconditional love. Make sure your creations are for the benefit of all…
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With Love Dorothea 

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