We live in a world abundant with information, a world in which we have accesses to platforms, like social media, from where we, as individuals, can communicate our knowledge with more people than previous generations could have ever imagined. 
A new age, one may say. One we are learning to navigate, one that comes with blessings and like with all things, one that comes with challenges to overcome and grow beyond. 
In May 2020 the North Node of the Moon entered Gemini, the sign that rules information, communication, curiosity, perception, speech, thought processes and movement, offering us the opportunity to leap forward in our understanding and relationship with this Information Age. 
The North Node spends about 18 months in each constellation teaching us, collectively, how to manage the energy of that sign in new ways. During this Gemini phase of learning we’ve had many planetary alignments that have helped us grow and understand the qualities the North Node highlights. Awakening us to what we have mastered, where we have room to grow, and how we can empower ourselves with new wisdom (the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement). 
One significant transit was around January 27th, 2021, when Neptune came into exact Square with the North and South Nodes of the Moon. Neptune represent unconditional love, spirit insight, oneness, altruism, music, dance, glamor, illusion… but also represents delusion, confusion, escapism, fantasy, and addiction. 
A square is a point of friction, which brings up opposing or differing beliefs and opinions within us that we can, with awareness, compassion and effort, bring into harmony and balance. This particular square brought up a lot of confusion based on conflicting information, disinformation, misinformation, and hidden information which played on our ancient fears, distrust and paranoia. Especially those we’ve felt toward governments, media and powerful institutions (this cocktail of happenings also brought conspiracy theories to a new height). 
What a gold nugget of a lesson for the collective that experience was!
Certainly for me, I was confronted with the very poignant reminder not to make decisions based on fear, doubt and scarcity. Not to allow my negative emotions to dictate what I believe. Not to allow my mind to go into dark places without a strong anchor in my personal truth, positivity, hope and compassion. 
For some, this may have taught the value of fact checking, of researching the source of information, and intentions of the people sharing it. Of looking for peer reviews, listening to all sides, and not take things at face value, etc. 
All wonderful lessons in the power of knowledge and how it can be used, for good, for division, for bad and for unifying. 
Here we are again, at another interesting point of growth and inquiry within this Gemini and North Node of the Moon Cycle. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini moved into Aries April 5th- the sign of action, drive, anger, speed, initiation, courage, and fire. Mars, the ruler of Aries has been in Gemini since March 5th adding speed to how we communicate, perceive, interpret and share knowledge and information. In other words, Mars and Mercury have done a house swap. Each in each others constellation they are rearranging furniture, getting acquainted and making the space their own. 
To add to this we are in Aries season, with 7 heavenly bodies gathered in Aries, and we just had the New Moon in Aries April 12th. Making this a time of action, speed, initiation, self discovery, individuation, assertiveness, desire, but also impatience, anger and frustration. 
With self awareness, discernment and practice the energies of sky can always be guided into the creation we want. These particular energies can be ingredients for a beautiful cocktail of eloquence that can help us drive our message forward, communicate with a single minded focus, get clarity on our intentions, generate the courage to share our truth, expand the ability to reach a larger audience, strengthen the desire to embrace and share our uniqueness, and give us the energy to get things done. 
If we don’t proceed with mindfulness, these planetary configurations could also create an explosive cocktail of fiery words, speaking without thinking, wanting to be heard at all costs, sharp tongues that hurt feelings, and a propensity to overshare or give opinions without much regard for the way they will be interpreted. 
Knowledge is a gift, but knowledge received or shared without depth, wisdom, and compassion can become a vice or hinderance. 
Now is an important time to reflect on the experiences we’ve had since May 2020. The things we’ve learned and ways we’ve grown in areas that reflect those Gemini qualities of how we receive and processing information, communicate, perceive, speak, and think.  
How can we approach and direct the energy of the current transits with wisdom and compassion?
Who do we need to be to chose a cocktail of beauty over an explosive one?  
Though we may be inclined to speak our minds, this is a wise time to stop, take a breath and consider what it would sound like if we spoke our hearts instead? 
Who would we be if we acted from a place of compassion?
What would our tone transmit within the words we say? 
The deeper our roots are anchored in compassion and wisdom, the taller the knowledge that we have can grow, and affect positive change in the world.
With Love & Light

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