Hey there beauty,

I upload this track as Melbourne went back into Lockdown, number 6 to be exact. And while I was putting the finishing touches on it, people were protesting against the governments’ ‘snap’ lockdown in the streets. 

It’s not lost on me that many of us have come up against sharp edges to claim our freedom.

It’s not lost on me that though some of us are free, or can taste a little of what freedom means, others are feeling the heavy burden of oppression (and not just us human being, but all sentient beings).

It’s not lost on me that there are birds singing in the background of recording, just out beyond my window. The very symbols of uninhibited movement through air (Aquarius), has left its mark on this meditation.

It’s not lost on me that a crow sings just as the Shruti stops. The ending birthing a beginning.

I know, through my own life experience, that love, joy, and all the good feels are a choice. A constant choice I make in the seeming chaos and uncertainty that life has. way of bringing to my door. 

I know, that I make my best decisions when I choose from these elevated states.

I know, that sound and meditation help me detach from my immediate struggle and enable me to soar high above it, to a place where I can begin to see and feel opportunity and hope again.

I hope this meditation serves you, and brings you back to your heart space. Helps you see light at the end of your road, and soothes your soul as you walk through the valley of shadows. 

Mostly, I hope it brightens the tender loving moments and expands them beyond your wildest imaginings.. ⁠

How you feeling? Leave me a comment below.

Much love,


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