Libra Full Moon, Returning to Balance, Beauty & Harmony (16 / 17 April, 2022)

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Libra, represented by the scale, is the sign of balance. It teaches us the sacred dance between self and other and in doing so we learn the to balance giving and receiving, being and doing, heart and mind, independence and interdependence, and collaboration while setting healthy boundaries. This scale is a living instrument that constantly needs our attention, an adjustment in every act, but as we attend to it, coming back into balance, we learn, grow and evolve.

Venus, the ruler of Libra is our plant of love and patroness of the arts. She reminds us that life is art, that we are here on earth to experience pleasure, create, and ultimately give and receive love. Venus brings beauty and harmony to our exchanges in this sacred dance, guiding us toward partnership so we can better understand ourselves and each other.  

Full Moons are an emotionally intense time, and this particular Libra Full Moon on the 17th / 18th of April, 2022 may feel even more so because as it reaches fullness the Sun and Moon will be in a t-square to Pluto. This conversation can cause friction and discomfort because Pluto is the planet of transformation, death and rebirth, it rules over power, sexuality, the psyche, the occult, and ultimately over truth.

Whatever planet it exerts it’s influence on will feel the pressure because buried secrets may be unearthed, truths that need to see the light so that we may heal, transform and grow.

From the constellation of Capricorn, Pluto it will bring to light experiences in which we have given our power away, or exerted it over others. It will highlight were we’ve chosen duty, responsibility or tradition over our individuality, where we’ve been rigid and stuck in traditions that stop us from evolving, or where we have chosen status, career, power or prestige over relationships, balance and equality.


It’s square to the Sun in Aries will show us where we may have misused our masculine nature, that directional energy of action, courage, force, drive, or desire.

With the moon in Libra it will show us where we’ve been out of balance in our partnerships and so we can reclaim equality or give it to someone else.

 Which leads to the question…

What are you ready to see so that you can bring a chapter to a close, transform, or create the necessary changes so that you can come into balance, harmony and into a place of beauty again?

Saturn is also active at this Full Moon, and in its interaction with the Sun and Moon it is asking us to take radical self-responsibility for our actions and our relationships. Saturn is the planet of karma, commitment, hard work, responsibility, duty, long term goals, stability, and maturity.

And at this Full Moon it will help us by showing us the reality of a situation so that we can proceed from a place of clarity and understanding. And from the empowerment this creates, build a healthy foundation for a viable future.

The planet of Karma is also talking to the North and South Nodes of the Moon this conversation is a square, and what it brings up will help us realize something about how we live, connect and interact with other. Including the changes we need to make, and the structures and plans we need to set in place so that we can create a future built on integrity.

What could the future look like if we took responsibility for where we are so we can step into our power and commit to something better?

What will it take to embody and ground the energy of this full moon?

To live from beauty, balance and harmony?

 We just had a very powerful conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune that took place in Pisces April 11/12th, one that happens around every 166 years. These two planets meet approximately every 12 years in a different constellation and when they do they set off a new 12 year cycle that you can see play out in your personal life and in the collective. As the ruling planets of Pisces Jupiter and Neptune are extra powerful in their influence here and can have a lasting, profound effect, but we need to commit to making the necessary changes to facilitate that.

This particular meeting in Pisces has the energy of enhanced creativity and imagination, it holds healing potential, and the signature of forgiveness, compassion, and spiritual evolution. Pisces is represented by the mystical waters of life, and those waters are capable of dissolving boundaries so we may merge into oneness. But like water, this change can be more like a subtle corrosion of our old ways. It can manifest as a gentle inner shift that will make room for love, miracles, inspiration, expanded intuition, and deeper connection to the divine.

Venus, the ruling planet of this lunation will also be in Pisces, a place she is exalted. As the ruler of both Libra and Taurus she will be activated by the positive connection Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto make to the North Node of the moon in Taurus, as well as her proximity to them in Pisces.

This connection will bring that Venusian desire for pleasure, partnership, love, harmony, balance and beauty up from the deep and inspire us to make the necessary adjustments in our lives to call more of that in.

Mars, the ruler of Aries, where the Sun is at this Full Moon, across the sky from the moon, sending her his light will also be in Pisces. Mars, as our planet of energy, drive, and action will help us dissolve obstacles with courage, so we may merge with love, and make room in life for healthy relationships, pleasure, and inspiration.


What does this mean for you?

This Libra Full Moon will highlight the creative seed we planted at the New Moon in Aries two weeks ago, illuminating what we’ve learned about ourselves as we ventured with courage along our individual path of desire.

Its light will help us clearly see our journey to now, our successes, the lessons, but also bring to our attention the limiting behaviours, relationships, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and exchanges that we have held onto and allow to influence our relationships, so that we can let go and make room for balance, harmony, beauty, healthy relationships, support, equality, and love.

It’s time to reflect and make some necessary adjustments, so that your scale can come back into balance, and so that you, in your experience of self, and in your relationships can experience more love, beauty, and harmony.


With love and light,


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