This Libra Full Moon is a Super Moon, which means it is reaching its fullness along its elliptical course at a point closer to the earth, appearing larger in the sky. This close proximity affects us within our emotional sphere of experience because like the tides, our emotions rise and fall with the moon’s cycles. And at this particular lunation they may seem larger and more all-encompassing then they have in a while.

The Full Moon illuminates, culminates, and celebrates its journey to fullness, and once it reaches this peek it begins the process of shape shifting back to its new moon sliver, releasing, shedding, and lighten its load on its return to the sun, so it can begin anew and unburdened.

With the Full Moon being in Libra the focus will be on partnership, balance, harmony, equality, cooperation and beauty. Libra is a refined archetype that focus a lot of its energy on ‘other’, because in the Libran phase of our evolution we are ready to experience another layer of ourselves through relating. And through the experience of relating we begin to appreciate the value of co-creation and collaboration.



Venus, the ruler of Libra is standing hand in hand with the Sun and Chiron across the sky from the Full Moon. The Sun represents the Self and our vital life force, Chiron represents the healer and alchemist who has transformed its wounds and gained self-mastery, and Venus is love, value, abundance, and beauty. As the Moon illuminates the sky from across the way it is also highlighting where in our partnerships, and in our way of relating we need more love, healing, and vitality. Where in life we lack equality and a harmonious balance of self with other.

These three heavenly bodies are opposing the moon from the constellation of Aries, which represents the masculine warrior, the self, the great I Am, and the desire, courage and self-esteem we master to conquer our fears, doubts and personal shackles so we can experience self in its fullest expression. With the moon reflecting the light of this constellation, we may also be drawn toward creating more balance and harmony within our masculine nature.

What can we release to restore this Libran archetype to it wholeness within our psyche? How can we free ourselves and each other so that we may create more balance, harmony, and beauty in the world around us, and within our internal world of experience? How can we honour the self while being selfless?

Venus, ruler of this Full Moon, is also within a significant phase of her own cycle, invisible in the sky she is within the glow of the Suns preparing to shift from the what the ancients called The Morning Star (the last star to disappear in the morning sky), to The Evening Star. (the first star to appear in the night sky). She entered this phase March 17th and will immerge in May. The Morning Star experience of her archetype is associated with emotional impulsivity, eagerness to meet her desires, sensuality and self-love. As she enters her phase as Evening Star she becomes emotionally refined, serene, delicate, and shifts focused on the interest of others and selflessness.

As she goes through this phase of shifting from self to selfless, the theme of this Full Moon, we too may become more aware of where we have been emotionally impulsive, immature, naive or perhaps even selfish, and focus on releasing hurt, relationships, and experiences that we’ve brought in as a mirror of growth. We may also take the time to reflect on and celebrate this growth, new understanding of who we are and our inner resilience, and begin the process of embracing a new phase of our emotional development where we become more focused on other. Of course, while maintaining healthy boundaries and rituals of self-care, and self-love.

Saturn and Mars are making a friendly aspect to the Moon in air signs, inspiring new and innovative ideas, especially within the theme of creating long term balance, sustainable partnerships, conscientious technologies for inner harmony, growth and co-creating harmony within the self and the world.

Uranus is strong and quincunx the Moon, so these ideas may seem other worldly and come down like a flash of divine inspiration. This energy that Uranus and the Moon are creating can also show up as restlessness, as an insatiable desire for radical change and freedom. Keep an eye out for emotional experiences that may take you by surprise or shock.

All planets are direct at the moment which may be feeling like life has picked up momentum again, and moving fast, perhaps faster then you can adjust to. Be gentle on yourself and allow space for being and receiving. This speed we are experiencing doesn’t have overwhelm us with doing, we can also learn to tune into it from a place of being and attracting.

This Moon has great potential for self-reflection and release of emotions that have been stored in the heart and psyche. It has great potential to guide us into new ways of relating and understanding the self and what we want to give and receive in relationships so that we can continue to cultivate that beauty, harmony and balance in our internal worlds, and with the people around us. 

It’s a good time to take the time to think about where we’ve lacked boundaries, or had our guard up too high. What we’ve been learning from your intimate relationships about ourselves in the past few months, and how we can bring closure to a chapter in a way that feels loving, nurturing and kind. 

How do we honour both our self and selfless natures? How do we be selfless while being in integrity to who we are? How do we give while holding space for ourselves? These questions don’t have simple answers, and they may take a lifetime to grasp, dance around and master. But just the act of sitting with such questions is an important step in our evolution. 

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