Libra's highest ideals are balance, harmony, beauty and love, all of which are virtues that we can grow into through relationships. And as we develop these ideals internally by understanding them through external experience we also develop a sense of equality, justice, fairness, diplomacy, appreciation, inspiration, the love and creation of art, the love of other, and commitment to someone outside ourselves.
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We spent a month in Virgo, collectively doing the work of self-analysis and personal development, critically discerning what works for us and our bodies, and what needs to be purged or purifying so that we can evolve into a picture of wholeness.

Now that we have done the work of connecting to body, of perfecting the mind, of healing, and of offering the wisdom we have gained in service, we are ready to step out of our personal experience and into the world of relationship and commitment.

Because here is where we can grow into our next phase of evolution.

Through relating, and seeing ourselves reflecting back, we can better understand who we’ve become and how this version of self fares in relationship to other, and the world.

In partnership we can receive feedback, clarity, support and the service of other. We can evaluate and judge our experience of ourselves through comparison and response, and make the next necessary adjustment.

Embodying the Libran way….

Libra’s highest ideals are balance, harmony, beauty and love, all of which we can learn to master through relationship. As we develop these ideals internally, as a result of our external experiences, we also begin to develop a sense of equality, justice, fairness, diplomacy, appreciation, and inspiration, because all these qualities stem from those very ideals. 

Libra is a cardinal sign meaning that it is action orientated, it initiates experiences through which it can grow and learn, and at this New Moon we have the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury, forming a Stellium, ready to act on these very ideals and qualities.

With Mars so close to the Sun and Moon we may feel a sense of urgency, speed and masculine drive to make change, especially in areas of our lives affected by fairness, justice and the mentioned qualities. During a Mercury Retrograde however, this may cause a lot of miscommunication, angry words and hurt feelings. And though it’s important to express our needs, kindness and assertiveness are also important. 

We  use this New Moon to lean into the Libran ideals of balance, harmony, beauty and love to guide our speech to diplomacy, and to decisions and intentions that truly reflect a loving and balanced future. Or we can get tangled up in anger and brute force in a fight for what we want, and continue along a path of struggle. The temptation is there, the decision is ours. 

Chiron, the alchemist and wounded healer of zodiac, is in Aries opposite the Stellium of planets in Libra as the New Moon. This conversation is also speaking to our needs, as individuals, to be heard, to feel that we matter, and are acknowledged. But Chiron asks us to go deeper than our surface needs, and down into the wound to do the deep healing work. And as it speaks to the Stellium in Libra, it asks us to consider each others needs, to resolve another aspect of what we learned about our body and mind in Virgo, and apply it in our relationships, so we can walk a path of harmony. 

Once we find remedy the wound that make us feel we don’t matter, and the conflicts in our personal relationships that remind us of this wound, we can share that medicine with the world. This particular kind of medicine comes from reflection, interaction with other, refinement, self-awareness, and wisdom, which makes it all the more potent for all. 

Uranus, the freedom loving humanitarian genius of the zodiac, is also speaking to the Stellium of planets and luminaries gathered in Libra, from across the sky in Taurus. Uranus brings surprises, lightning bolt epiphanies, and innovative new ideas for pushing us along a conscientious path of evolution. From Taurus Uranus brings our attention to our body, our physical experience, and the earth, and it may have a lesson for us at this New Moon that teaches us a new and innovative way to bring balance, harmony, and love back into the way we treat our bodies and the earth, and how to apply that in our relationships.

About the  Mercury retrograde…

 Mercury is very potent at this New Moon bringing our world of thoughts into view. It is in its third and final retrograde cycle of the year, meaning that our minds are drawn to the past, to reflecting, to integrating and to learning more about ourselves and the journey that brought us to where we are.

Mercury is talking to Neptune in a quincunx relationship which may bring our attention to where we’ve made decisions from a place of confusion and unclear information. We may have a Neptunian realisation at this New Moon that reminds us that it is possible to seek fairness, and equality in our relationships from a place of love and compassion, and this realisation may elevate our minds beyond duality and into into balance, beauty and harmony.

Mercury is also squaring Pluto in Capricorn, which is going direct at this New Moon. When planets change direction they shake things up, so this square may create some discomfort as it bring our thoughts to an imbalance of power, to the misuse of power and authority, and to deep truths around injustice, fairness and abuse of these qualities. But this isn’t just about the world outside of us, we are in a retrograde space of reflection which asks us to be honest with ourselves about where we have personally misused our power, or treated others unfairly based on our thoughts about them, beliefs about the world, and our own ideologies.

Ultimately the energy of Pluto is one of transformation, and being honest with ourselves, while sincerely seeking truth can helps us have the major breakthroughs. Bringing an objective and open heart to this seeking can lead to the most beautiful transformation, and take us, as individuals, and as a human family forward into a future of balance, harmony, beauty and love.

Finally, Mercury is in a friendly trine to Jupiter in Aquarius. Jupiter brings healing, luck, joy, expansion and optimism where ever it shines it’s light, and when in Aquarius it is visionary and humanitarian in its quest. At this New Moon it will expanding our minds beyond a limiting paradigm we feel boxed in, and help us see a path forward that frees us from the past, and opens us to the possibility of embracing a new belief systems that honour a conscientious future that brings us the freedom we long for.

So, what is the new moon telling us?

The message of this New Moon is that you matter, that we all matter. That through our most intimate relationships we can grow deeper into balance, harmony, beauty and love. 

That there is a path of love that can lead us to a place were we each feel heard, accepted, equal and appreciated. And that the personal work we do, and the healing we engage not only helps us, but also reflects in our relationships, and in the world around us. 


With love and light,


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