Libra New Super Moon, Planting Lotus Seeds in Mud. Oct 17, 2020

Collage by Cosmic Collage
Libra is the sign of partnerships, balance, harmony and beauty. All of which guide us into the energy of love. 
Relationship is with everything and everywhere in this earthly experience. We learn and grow in relation to other. ⠀
I am in a deep and tangled relationship with my morning coffee. I was in a relationship with the fly that danced around my face. I am in relationship with time, the earth, the sun, and with my favorite pillow.⁠ ⁠⠀
But partnership takes us one step further. It takes us into commitment, and through commitment we learn to create balance and equality, justice and beauty, compromise and harmony. Because those we love reflect back the areas in ourselves we need to balance. ⁠⠀
You see, to my coffee I’m a victim, to the fly I’m a villain, to time I am controlling, to the earth I’m nurturing, to the sun adoring, to my pillow I am divine. ⁠When we come to know that we are all these things we can begin the process of learning to create mastery over who we be in our relationships.⠀
This new moon may be a little challenging how ever, because it is in a T square with Saturn (duty, authority, discipline, control), Pluto (power, death, rebirth) and Mars (independence, self reliant, warrior). And we have Mercury retrograde in Scorpio (who wants to get to the truth no matter how ugly). ⁠⠀
This cocktail can definitely cause some friction for the diplomatic Libran in us who wants to commit, find compromise, yet still hold on to sovereignty over self. It may seem like some of these energies can’t harmonize. But they can.⠀
Hence the planting seeds in mud. At this new moon we have to look beyond the moment and plant seeds of partnership, equality, harmony, beauty, justice and balance for the future flower we want to blossom, and take the time to tend to them. ⁠⠀
We are in murky waters but that’s ok. We still get to choose who we be in every moment on the path to loving partnerships, that honor all and inspire others. ⠀

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