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Here we area, ending the year in the constellation that represents family, love, compassion, nurturing, safety, security, home and the essence of the divine mother. This watery full moon in the sign of Cancer, the archetype of the mother soul, has the potential to bring us into a more intimate relationship with those that are our soul tribe, to take us deeper into self understanding through the emotional centres of the human experience, to help us move beyond the labels of ‘diversity’ and ‘similarity’ to a place of oneness, unity and universal family, helping us feel at home in our bodies and in our immediate and extended environment. 

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius is active in the sky at this full moon, sextiling the moon and trining the sun, activating the inner rebel and genius, the thirst for individuality and desire for change and unity. It is doing so from the sign of Taurus which is very much focused on our immediate experience of being human through our five senses, bringing the grounding, practicality and stability of this earth sign to the emotional waters of cancer. Asking us to reconsider what family and home means, who are we in relationship with? Is the earth itself part of that home and family, and are we in a healthy and nurturing relationship with her and with those that share this home? 

What about the solar system, galaxy…. universe? Uranus is activating a deeper understanding of how we need to evolve in who and what we value, how we care for the earth, the sentient beings sharing life on this plane, and creation at large, because it is intergalactic. It points us toward a broader understanding of family, of safety and security, and of mothering that awakens us to the interdependent intimacy of the web of life that extends from the micro to the macro, that affects all and encompasses all. 

Saturn and Jupiter are now beginning to separate after the Great Conjunction at 0º of Aquarius, but they will each be continuing their work in this constellation for the next year, and 2.5 years respectively. So the energy of Aquarius is very much interweaved with the energy of Cancer at this full moon, which is an interesting blend of philosophies, of viewing and experiencing the world, of uniting emotion and mind, and of reaching self understanding through the inner world of family and the outer world of self in service. 

Aquarius is paradoxical because it is very much focused on the collective and the individual, on humanitarian ideals and deconstruction, on embracing diversity while creating unity, on being a unique singular expression while moving toward a symbiotic collective evolution, and on personal freedom and individual sacrifices for the service of all. Cancer on the other hand is about experiencing self through the private domain of emotion, through the intimacy of family, through the love and self understanding we gain from raising our children, through mothering and care, and the intuition that develops from that very experience.

When these two archetypes come together we are asked to go beyond the labels that separate us, to go beyond the celebration of diversity and into the space of oneness and love that needs no individual definition, but needs the contrast of that knowing to reach its self understanding. Can we love and pour that mothering energy into those different from us, into our planet, our soul tribes, our universe as home? The power of love gets us there. 

Who is your soul tribe? Is it just made of humans, immediate family? Can you extend your concept of tribe to nature, animals, insects, earth, water, sky? Can this soul tribe be intergalactic, universal? Can we reach the understanding that there is nothing beyond family, that all is one family playing roles, diversifying for the purpose of understanding unity and oneness? 

Venus and Neptune are in square at this full moon, activating each other’s essences to help get us to the truth of who we are and what love, family and home mean in their purest expression. Neptune unveils the spirit and brings us to the meeting place of matter and ether, it uncovers the secrets of our evolutionary path that is leading us toward being the understanding of universal love, and the great truth that there is an intimate interconnectedness to all life. 

Though these sentiments are beautiful, and the fullness of the moon can light our way to such seemingly hidden truths and knowings, full moons can be very emotional times. And at this full moon we have some roaring planets, classing and activating each other for the purpose of growth and self understanding. Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are squaring Mars, activating and balancing our need to honour self and expand, while finding harmony with external systems and forces of power. And Uranus is squaring Saturn and Jupiter, our need for individual freedom, stability, and prosperity with the need to be connected to the collective, disrupting the status quo, and working toward a common goal.

But despite the potential clashes and discomfort we may feel as the moon reaches its fullness and inspires us to calibrate and reach deeper into experience, emotion, and mind to understand ourselves, we have Chiron squaring sun and moon making this time ripe for healing. 

The Sun in Capricorn represents the archetype of the father, authority figure, order, structure, and external safety and security, while the moon is the mother, nurturer, carer, who seeks safety and security in the emotional world.  These aspects within us can find harmony and instead of clash complement each other. If we tune into the energy of love and compassion we can call on solutions that create balance and help us integrate these masculine and feminine archetypes so we may move into a deeper harmony within ourselves. And then let it spill out into the world.

We can call on soul family and tribe, to collaborate and help us integrate and transcend our dualities . We can look to love to guide us into unity and oneness. We can bridge our sense of separateness by deepening and expanding our understanding of home and family. We can find security and safety in a collective that feels intimate because of a new found understanding of the interconnectedness of all life. And we can use this energy to lay the foundation for 2020. Letting go of the limitations that keep us from understanding of who we truely are and what we can achieve as one. 

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