Connect to your natural wisdom: Virgo Full Moon, Feb 28, 2021

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Virgo is the medicine woman of our Zodiac. She understands the rhythms of time and cycles of nature innately, this connection to the natural world and her physical embodiment makes her a wise healer who understands which earth medicine to use for which ailment and how to be discerning and organised in her approach to healing. She loves to share her wisdom in service to others, which comes from her personal experience, mastery and self-refection.

This full moon will offer a window in which we can connect to this energy and ground into nature, get in touch with our body and its healing needs, and understand which natural medicine to connect to in support of our health and wellbeing. We may receive a glimpse into how we can become discerning in the way we channel our energy toward our personal health and service to others, and how to organize our daily rituals to become more efficient in our personal rhythms.

Mercury just turned direct in Aquarius, the sign of freedom, innovation, and community. As an air sign Aquarius is quick thinking and detached, which may have brought on some realizations around our personal freedoms, and the experiences in which we have imprisoned ourselves. We may have come to understand that we shouldn’t take all experiences personally, that we may have to let go of some plans or ideas, and that some things are a part of a cosmic cycle, and beyond our control.


These realisations come just as the Moon begins to turn full and ready to release old patterns. Which isn’t always easy, especially because full moons are emotional times, and letting go of something we thought we wanted or needed can feel traumatic.

In the sign of Virgo the moon will direct us toward letting go of needing things to be perfect, of self-judgement, criticism, and hyper control. If we let it, it can support the process of letting go of certain limitations we put on ourselves so that we can focus on what is important in our personal growth and evolution.  

The Moon will be opposite the Sun and Venus in Pisces, helping us drop into surrender, trust and flow, as our realizations continue to unfold. And perhaps they will do so in unexpected ways, because Uranus will be tine the Moon which may help with flashes of insight and genius ideas for whatever projects we focus on, or it may completely reroute a plan or idea.  

Pisces is a wonderful placement for Venus and the Sun because it awakening the inner artist, dreamer, and mystic. Using this time to tune into the imagination, the mystical and magical aspect of life, music, dance and art can connect us deeper to our intuition and our feminine receptive nature. It can help create a sense of inner balance and harmony between the practical logical mind and analytical propensity of Virgo, with the beauty of being lost in the moment and following our hearts.

Venus could guide us deep into a dream state of lavishness, luxury, and romance. An abundant time of creative expression and inspiration, however mind that you don’t get completely lost in illusion and confusion, or swept too far out onto the proverbial Piscean sea.

Saturn and Chiron are making a yod alignment to the Moon, which is a healing aspect. With Saturn’s practical long-term planning energy and propensity for commitment, and Chiron being the healer who understands the stars, plants, minerals, the earth and the alchemy of their combined essence, this is a good time to seek alternative remedies for health, fittness and wellbeing with long term goals in mind.

Uranus is in a very tense conversation with Saturn, one of 3 this year. So a lot of us may be feeling a lot of inner turmoil and friction in one area of life. Particularly related to freedom, change, innovation, responsibility, restrictive structures, authority, fear and doubt. Hold on, you’re not alone, this moon can bring some valuable insight. 2021 is a year of rebuilding, but things are still coming to light and coming undone, a lot of us are learning to navigate the vacuum created by 2020.

Tune into your personal practice, trust, surrender, reflect. Allow yourself to feel your feelings and ask the questions you need to ask. Allow yourself to lose track of time, to be that sensitive soul, to care for others, to cry for the world, because the more you connect to yourself the more in touch you will be with what you need to nurture you. Just keep that one Virgo foot on the ground so you are connected to the earth and this reality, and so that you can channel all that creativity, wisdom and inspiration into something tangible.

It’s a marvellous time to work with plants, herbs, crystals, stones, rocks, flowers, essential oils, smudges and other natural remedies.

Sending love,

And let me know how this one goes for you

I’m feeling tender, whimsical and tense all in one !

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