Mars x Venus: The Star Crossed Lovers Meet. How will their rendezvous affect you?

Water Colour by Claudia Tremblay

Are you feeling the pull to soul love, community, romance?

Venus, the planet of love, value, relationship, exchange, sensuality and beauty is traveling with her beloved Mars, the planet of energy, action, sexuality, desire, passion and will.

They come together every 18 months and spend around 10 days to two weeks connecting in the sky. When they get together sparks fly…

Love is in the air, passion is heightened, desire is aroused, romance and creativity blossom, new connections are formed and the urge to merge takes hold.

They last met July 14th 2021 in Leo, activating the heart, and now they are back together again to do some more work in our personal lives.

Do you remember what came up for you around that time??

Their meeting this time around is extra special, rare and powerful because they’ll been traveling together for several months! 

Consolidating their affection, aligning us with our hearts desires, connecting us to our soul tribe, and bringing in those beings that will support our karmic growth and creative endeavours!

This time they’ve been in each others orb since late January 2022, holding hands.

And are due to reach the exact same degree February 16, in Capricorn, sharing an intimate cosmic kiss, just in time for Valentines day and the Leo Full Moon! Circling back to that heart activation of July last year.

Notice what comes up for you around this full moon? It will be a significant indicator of things to come.

These star crossed lovers will continue traveling hand in hand until March 7 where they will exact again at 0º of Aquarius, right after the Pisces New Moon – a moon of unconditional love, mysticism, creativity, romance, fantasy and unity.

 How does that sound?

This is a time filled with the possibility of love, new relationships, friendships, soul connections, attracting soul family, building alliances and new communities, following your passion, and allowing the creative force to guide you.

To add to the magic, Venus and Pluto are bringing transformation and commitment. Venus has been busy the past few months in Capricorn, where she spent time in retrograde reflecting on how to build lasting relationships, create solid foundations, and make structures that support our growth and values.


Helping us see what we need to feel valued, and the kind of relationships we need to call in that honour our heart and soul.

She met Pluto in Capricorn Dec 11, went retrograde Dec 20, met Pluto again Dec 25th

Do you remember any intense feelings or experiences that came up around that time?

They may be coming to a close this March, or bringing some clarity about what changes need to be made to get into alignment with your soul, heal or move on. 

Venus stationed direct Jan 30, but is still in shadow, this means that she is building up strength and returning to her regular speed. Just in time to meet Pluto again March 4th, this time with Mars in hand!

Pluto’s influence through this union has brought up raw emotions, initiated endings and inspired transformation in our relationships. It has also brought in soul contracts to help awaken us to our value, and heal wounds or trauma that have created blocks in matters of the heart.

With Mars meeting Pluto and Venus this final time we are being asked to take action on what we’ve learned since early December so we can move into a future built on solid foundations in matters of love, relationships, community, creativity and heart desires.

Because these transits took place under a Capricorn sky, we have been learning to establish long term social connections to those we have a soul work with, the beings that will help us move into a brighter future, and build a community of like minds.

Capricorns tradition, commitment and responsibility will help us reinvent an Aquarian future based on solid ground, from a place of balance and harmony.



Speaking of harmony…

Venus represents the feminine and Mars the Masculine, when they meet in the sky our inner femme and masculine come into greater balance and we enter a state of flow.


Those of us with more feminine energy start feeling more fire, desire, and the need to assert, while those of us with more masculine energy soften around the edges.

What does this create?

Inner balance, which helps us cultivate an inner and outer environment of ease and abundance.

When the heart meets passion, all of life is up for grabs.

We surrender and let love.

Synchronicities begin to happen as the bliss state takes over the moment.

And we begin to express our creative selves with more ease.


Dates to note:

Feb 17/18 Leo Full Moon: romance, love, passion purpose, creative self expression, desire to do something significant that comes from the heart. New projects getting off the ground


  • Mars and Venus meet and form a friendly aspect to Uranus – surprise, exciting news, someone new, unexpected encounter

March 3 Pisces New Moon, divine love, spiritual connection, creativity and inspiration.


  • Mars, Venus and Pluto meet in conjunction: initiating a new era of love, commitment, relationship, following heart desires, embodying creative self expression

March 7, Mars and Venus enter Aquarius, turning focus to groups, friends, associations, soul family and a future focused vision, Activating a desire to forge long term relationships with passion and purpose with which we can call in a new era of social interaction and creative self-expression.


  • Dec 21 2020, Jupiter and Saturn connected at 0º of Aquarius, think back to what happened around that time as the theme is circling around

With love and light,



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