A practice space for intuitive development, exploration of consciousness, connection to the the mystical aspects of self, and personal empowerment. 

We explore sound, astrology, meditation, voice and energy medicine to connect in, and activate our potential.  


come gather, rest, commune here is a place to nourish,
to celebrate and dance


It’s been a dream of mine to create a community space that feels inspiring, nurturing, supportive, and celebratory. 

One within which we can:

  • practice our spiritual paths in a loving community
  • use proven technologies to awaken and heal our energy body
  • hold safe space to go deep into the mysteries, and far out into the divine
  • explore consciousness with like minded-people interested in the same path of growth and evolution
  • develop awareness of how to work with the gifts of the earth, and sky; crystals, minerals, plants, elements, and more! 
  • and a place to connect to the planets, luminaries and stars in a way that awakens those archetypes within us

This is a space of self-mastery, which of course, is an ever unfolding journey with twists, turns, peaks and valleys.

By joining our Creation Weavers community space you will have access to:

1) Our live online lunar events that happen twice a month at the new and full moon.

2) Access to our live online monthly Past Life Regression Journeys.

3) The replays of the events – for those who cannot join live, or those who want to re-immerse in the experience.

4) Access to our community and ability to interact, and connect with other mystical beings.

These gatherings are for you if you are interested in the mystical, in spirituality & energy, in meditation & mindset, in alternative healing & the power of sound.

They are for you if you are interested in creating an intentional reality.

They are for you if you are a curious and conscientious souls who want to connect with others like you as you travel along your own unique spiritual journey.


They are for you if you are interested in connecting to the rhythms of the earth, sky, and your inner world of wisdom to gain mastery over your creative potential.

What we do in a New & Full moon Gathering:

  • Discuss the Astrology of the day

  • Connect to the energy of the moon

  • Breath a pranayama

  • Chant mantra

  • Meditate and visualise

  • Immerse in a Sound Bath

  • Chat about our experiences

What we do in a Past Life Regression Journeys:

  • Discuss the Astrological currents of the month

  • Explore the themes running through the collective and our individual psyche

  • Use priming techniques such as meditation, breath and visualisation to get into a gentle hypnotic state

  • Explore past lives related to the theme of the month

  • Discuss and share our findings


We have a founding members price running for a limited time:

$22 AUD monthly

$59 AUD quarterly

$229 AUD annually


  • Access to exclusive discounts on events and one on one sessions – only available to community members.

  • Be the first to know about coming events, promotions, content, and other offers.


Within our space we also have the opportunity to create our personal profile, connect to other members, and share in community discussions.
The Circle.so platform we are using has an Ap, which will make connecting on the go a breeze

I’m looking forward to communing with you, and weaving dreams into reality.

See you inside!

With love,


client love…

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Get notified on articles, events, sound baths, guided meditations, new recording, and special offers coming up!

Never miss a new & full moon update

Get notified on articles, events, sound baths, guided meditations, new recording, and special offers coming up!