Mercury began slowing down May16, 2021 for its three week retrograde cycle which starts May 30th. It will retrograde at home in Gemini where it is at its most powerful until June 23, followed by another two week shadow phase. ⁠ 
This transit has been popularised in the mainstream as a time of messy or miss communication, technological mishaps, and breakdowns in appliances. It is also known as a time to avoid travel, purchasing expensive items (especially tech), signing contacts, or beginning new projects.
This is true, and doubly so at this time, because Mercury is wielding its authority and playing its trickster games from its home sign, which rules communication. But, a retrograde goes a lot deeper then this superficial explanation, it speaks to the complex archetypes that live within our psyche.
These archetypes exist in a community of archetypes that are constantly chatting, their conversations change based on their proximity to each other, which constellation they are traveling through, and how they are speaking to other planets.. This means, that a retrograde never happens in a vacuum, it is always influenced by the tone of the solar system.
This particular Mercury Retrograde will be taking place during eclipse season, and within the context of other powerful solarsystem happenings that are guiding the collective shifts we are experiencing…⁠ ⁠
What significant Astro-Transits are happening during this retrograde? 
The North Node of the Moon has been in Gemini since June 2020 teaching the human family valuable lessons on the power of words, the value of spreading quality information, the need for conscientious communication, the results of perceiving our world through our microcosm of beliefs, the power of gossip, and what all this creates. ⁠
The coming eclipses (May 26 and June 10) will be taking place on the Sagittarius and Gemini Axis (the axis of communication), helping us release outdated beliefs and limiting ideologies so we can enter a new phase of communicating and communing with the global family that is conscientious, deep, truthful, loving, and inclusive. ⁠ ⁠
The Saturn Retrograde (May 24 to October 12) will be bringing a soberness to our mental processes, reminding us to create solid boundaries, take responsibility for our actions, commit to our goals, and garner respect from our peers. June 13 Saturn will be squaring Aquarius, a planet that wants to inspire change, revolution and innovation. Bringing our attention to the stagnant systems in our life that need to be replaced.
These powerful astrological occurances are making for a very potent and transformational Mercury Retrograde season, which is best spent slowing down to matching the cosmic flow. This way we can be in sync with the rhythms of time, the collective consciousness, and make ourselves available to receive the lessons, guidance, and opportunities that are circulating through the cosmic currents.
If we spend this time listening and reflecting, we can gauge how far we’ve come with more accuracy, understand where we’ve come out of alignment, course correct, celebrate our achievements, forgive where things have gone wrong, reset to where we need to be, and ensure a smoother journey forward. ⁠
Gemini represents the left brain activities that connect the dots, like logic, analysis, problem solving, communicating, processing information, movement, perception, and speech. It also has a youthful curious energy that is always busy, and loves to learn, share and flirt with ideas.
These very qualities will be up for examination!
1. Your speech: Your words cast spells, they are powerful tools of creation that can unite or divide. Have your words been in integrity with your truth? Do they reflect your doubts and fears, or are they positive and hopeful? 
2. Your perception: How you perceive the world reflects your inner journey. What kind of information do you most focus your attention on and how does that make you feel? 
3. How you listen: We hear with our ears but we listen with our entire bodies. Do you engage in deep listening and pick up on tone, emotion, body language, and subtle meanings in conversation? 
4. Depth: Information is shallow without wisdom, understanding, and experience. Do you seek the deepest truth in what you hear or get swept up by the emotions that heresy creates?  
5. Education: Knowledge is power, learning inspires growth. Is there something you want to understand deeper, or improve your skills and expertise on? Now is the time to revisit and re-educate yourself in the areas that have inspired your curiosity. 
Simple shifts can revolutionise your world and your experience of it.
Down which path is this energy of reflection sending you to explore? 
Listen to what comes up for contemplation, with love and compassion, because there may be valuable nuggets in there for your personal growth.
Make the effort to change, forgive, and recreate where ever possible.
Practice observing yourself daily. Pay special attention to how information coming at you makes you feel. Notice how you react to it. Consider a better way.
We have the monumental task of shifting the collective conscious into a better place, but it starts at an individual level. It starts with practicing our truth, with choosing wise and kind words, with monitoring  what information we accept as facts, with deciding what thoughts we allow to occupy our minds, and with crafting what we sound like.
It’s time to make the conscious effort to practice our own inner guidance!
That is a gift to self and others. 
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