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As Hazrat Inayat Khan would say, music is the basis of the whole of creation, “divine sound is the cause of all manifestation. The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.”

And at this Pisces Full Moon, we are presented with a key that opens the door to this very world of sound, it is the world of vibration, a transcendental place of timelessness, love and oneness, and once entered into we have the opportunity to get lost in the music of life.  

Unlocking this door is a choice, and if we allow ourselves to peer in, under the light of the full moon, and step forth into what is the Piscean ocean of dreams and boundless creative expression, we have granted ourselves the opportunity to taste the essence of life.

By swimming in this ocean, loosing ourselves in its vastness, exploring its endless possible manifestations, we come to know life’s mysteries better, and begin to find ourselves in it’s reflections.

To find yourself, you must first lose yourself

The Piscean ocean pulsates with inspiration, imagination, and divine truth. As you surrender to it, to its music, and let it guide you into its mysteries, you have embarked on a journey to rediscover your own song, the one that sings from the core of your being.

This song is the vibration, the signature, that defines your creative spark and purpose; your soul’s expression. But you must lose sight of your former identity, and any misconceptions of who you are to find it.

As you explore your essence you may begin to realise that there are several songs which you connect to, perhaps you have an album, or several compilations that you are drawn to, depending on how prolific your life is and how much you have signed up to grow and evolve in this embodiment.

You may even begin to realise that you’ve been singing someone else’s song, or perhaps got lost in a melody that represents a collective feeling, rather than your truest essence and form.

Water reflects, and as you swim in the mysteries and get lost in the music of life, you begin to experience divine epiphanies.

You see, the music of life is a symphony of sounds with several sound tracks playing at once. Within every song you’ll find layers of instruments intricately weaved to make a whole.

These sound tracks are our streams of consciousness and collective realities, they are experiences you can dip into and travel along. And as you do you can sing your own part, or something written by another, you can solo or blend into the rhythm of the song.

The music you choose to listen to, to vibrate with, to experience and sing along to, is a choice.

With Neptune, the ruler of Pisces in close proximity to the Moon, and Pluto in a friendly aspect, you can travel as deep into your own mysteries as you dare to go. You can explore the why’s of the music you’re listening to, the songs you’re singing, fearless in the face of your own truth because Neptune dissolves and Pluto transforms. 

What are you ready to let go of at this full moon, what streams of consciousness, thoughts, feelings, songs are you ready to transform so that you are in alignment with your essence and value, with the sound of your soul?

Are you singing the right song for this moment in time and is it a reflection of where you want to go?

Is the sound track you’re traveling along empowering and inspiring you, or are you stuck on repeat in a vibration that reminds you of your sorrow, and keeps you in an unhealthy stream of emotions?

Only you have the answer.

Moments of reflection present an opportunity for healing…

With the Sun in Virgo, the sign of the medicine woman, we have the opportunity to draw our Piscean epiphanies and reflections out of the transcendental realm and into the physical so that we can create healing in our bodies and our environment.

Virgos earth-based wisdom can intuitively guide us to purify, cleanse, purge and release what doesn’t serve within and around us so that we can create inner harmony and an environment that is in resonance with our essence and the truth of who we are.

Mars is in close proximity to the Sun, increasing our need to take action toward healing and transformation. It is in the sign of Libra which represents harmony, balance, beauty, and our relationship to others.

How can we create inner balance by embracing the essence of our soul song, while staying in harmonious relationship with others?

Is there a way we can honour all those streams of consciousness, that symphony of sound that is the music of life, while staying true to our own song?

Mercury also in Libra, has our minds on this very question. It is in a friendly aspect to Jupiter in Aquarius, shining its light on the collective consciousness from a constellation that encourages innovation, change, growth, breakthrough, and acceptance of self and other.  

Venus in Scorpio is asking us to go deep into the question of co-existing in harmony, deep into the truth of who we are, deep into our healing so that we can have that personal breakthrough which can also help others.

The day after the full moon we have the Libra Equinox, at which the Sun will enter the sign of partnership drawing our attention from our personal healing journey to others. But we cannot help others heal what we have not yet healed in ourselves. We cannot heal our relationships, until we’ve first resolved what is out of alignment within us.


To come back to Hazrat Inayt Khan, “divine sound is the cause of all manifestation”. 

At this Full Moon in Pisces can you create the space to lean into your own divine sound, and manifest a new reality?

Can you allow yourself to get lost in the music of life so that you can draw inspiration and understanding of your place in it all? 

Can you embrace the essence of your soul song and live it?

Take the key, unlock the door, and explore. 



With love and light,


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Article published in Elephant Journal

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