Hello beauty!
The Piscean ocean pulsates with inspiration, imagination, and divine truth. As you surrender to it, to its music, and let it guide you into its mysteries, you have embarked on a journey to rediscover your own song, the one that sings from the core of your being.
This song is the vibration, the signature, that defines your creative spark and purpose; your soul’s expression.
But you must lose sight of your former identity, and any misconceptions of who you are to find it.
Water reflects, and as you swim in the mysteries and get lost in the music of life, you begin to experience divine epiphanies. With Neptune, the ruler of Pisces in close proximity to the Moon, and Pluto in a friendly aspect, you can travel as deep into your own mysteries as you dare to go.
What are you ready to let go of at this full moon, what streams of consciousness, thoughts, feelings, songs are you ready to transform so that you are in alignment with your essence and value, with the sound of your soul?
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If you haven’t already, read my Pisces Full Moon article below, it gives you an in depth reading on the transits happening around the full moon and what it means for you. 

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