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Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and by this phase of our evolution we have circled through the wheel of karma and gained a mass of experience, all of which have guided us toward understanding, knowledge and wisdom. These experiences may have also taught us the value of beauty, love, joy, kindness, peace and unity and how they supersede material possessions, career and status. Because things of this world come and go, but our spirits live on forever.  

Through this evolutionary cycle we may have also come to realise that we can wrestle with life, forcing it to meet our expectations, or we can release and let love. We come to understand that life is sweeter when we surrender to its unfolding, and trust in its grace and flow. And that when we do, we allow for more moments of contentment, love and inspiration. Tolerance grows with this unfolding and our love and compassion expand to include all beings. After all, in Pisces, we are approaching an end and spending more time in contemplation of the great beyond.


For this reason Pisces has an innate understanding of the human condition, it has seen it all through the progression of the zodiac, and when we are under the influence of the Piscean sky we become more open to the unknown, the unseen, and the unfathomable. Including those unfathomable, incomprehensible, or perhaps undesirable parts of ourselves.

This Pisces New Moon is overflowing with this very energy. Not only are the Sun and Moon beginning a new cycle in this constellation, but they are also joined by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and abundance, and Neptune, the dreamy, transcendent ruler of this sign making this new moon feel like we are swimming in the mystical waters of everlasting life; timeless, boundless, transcendent, soulful and inspired.

It is a very receptive, gentle, intuitive, creative, and imaginative lunation that is deeply connected to love, soul and source.

Venus brings the romance of being, intoxicating the senses with beauty, inspiration and creativity. Neptune takes us into altered states and other worlds through movement, dance, music and the magic of make belief. From this detached and heightened state we can dream a new dream, one that is rooted in the desires of our soul. It’s an emotive sky scape, a healing space, a time of surrender to flow.

This lunation will also close the door to an astrological year and open into a new cycle at the entry of the Sun into Aries.

What intentions can we take into this new solar year?

We have Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, the sign of higher mind helping us evolve and reshape our systems of belief and structures in society, guiding us toward social responsibility and conscious evolution.

They are still holding space for us to expand beyond what we once thought possible, to a co-creative existence rooted in community, equality, innovation and unity.

We also have Saturn coming out of an intense square with Uranus which felt like a cosmic rinse and squeeze out of mental junk and uncertainty; who we think we are and think we should be all came to a head, and as these planets continue to separate we will gain more clarity of which path we should take into this new solar year.

Mars, the planet of action is making a beautiful aspect to Saturn the sign of form. Showing us how we can pluck our Piscean dreams and revelations from those mystical waters, and use inspired action to manifest them into physical form.

Our new moon intentions are very much supported at this time. However, it’s important that they are rooted in the truth of our soul, because it is these intentions that will be divinely guided.

Take the time to listen to your soul, it may sound like waves hitting the shore of a tranquil beach, or the flow of a river leading to the sea.

What does it tell you? What can you hear in the dark of this new moon night? The answers are intuitive.

Surrender to its call.

Allow beauty, love, and your deeply creative nature to pervade your senses, to guide your days.

Allow yourself to fall in love with your life again, and love everything you do.

Keep listening and your souls truth will continue to unfold.

Be mindful of escapism, over indulgence or tendencies toward addiction. Not everyone fares well on the mystical ocean. Be gentle on yourself and know this ungrounded feeling shall pass and your feet will return to the soil again to rest on solid ground. Breathe, you are loved. You are held. You are supported.

With Love,

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