Planting our Visions, Capricorn New Moon, Jan 12/13 2021.

What can we see from the top of our proverbial mountain? Vast distances. We can see our past, the present and future all at once. We can see our achievement and measure our successes based on the decisions we made to get there. We can see where we could have done better, where we took a wrong turn, where we let fear and doubt win,  where we challenged ourselves and where we were brave and intuitive. All this knowledge creates wisdom.

What have we learned and developed on our journey? In Capricorn we can look to the past for refection. The road may have been full of twists and turns, narrow bends, bumps, steep inclines, and harrowing drops, but to make it to the goal we exercised dedication, focus, determination, stamina, planning, perseverance, discipline and commitment. All these virtues lead to our personal mastery.

This very process of self-mastery creates the inner authority to direct others along the same path. We can do so with integrity because we are alive in the reality of the experience; the struggle, the elation. And anchored deep in the understand of the responsibility of offering guidance so others may also succeed. Our experience, wisdom and knowledge become the foundation of the very structures we implement to help others climbing to their proverbial mountain top, safely, with ease and grace.

This is the way of the wise Capricorn Elder, and this archetype is awakened at this first New Moon of 2021.

The energy of Aquarius is also active at this lunation due to the big shift of Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) and Jupiter into the constellation of Aquarius at the December Solstice of 2020, which moved the collective focus toward the Aquarian ideals of freedom, individuality, equality, community, and group cohesion. Saturn and Jupiter bring with them the potential for healing, expansion, order, integrity, and the need to awaken our responsibility to society. 

Mercury – mind, is conjunct Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius activating our mental scape; getting us thinking about how we do/can communicate, listen and perceive through mass communication, technology, science, and the sharing of innovative ideas that to bring us together as a human family, yet liberate us individually. 

Capricorn takes us to the peak of our proverbial mountain from where we access the Aquarius air above; the air above is ether from which we draw knowing. This ether is connection, and community, it awakens the realisation that we are more than matter, and therefore beyond duality. Aquarius represents this very sea of consciousness from which we pluck our ideas, inspiration and creativity. Within this sea we can swim amongst the vibrations of all thoughts, memories and experience imaginable, past, present, future, interstellar, universal. 

Awareness of this sea and how to navigate it brings on our enlightenment.

What else happens on the mountain top? Silence and separation. It is just you and the wind, your feet on the earth and your head in the clouds. The mountain tops is where the great yogis and mystics went to meditate because at this altitude they were above the consciousness of the collective who’s thoughts couldn’t reach them, this made it easier to hear the voices of the gods, and hear them with clarity. 

You too can access your proverbial mountain top at this New Moon, so that when you reach into the ether for information and inspiration you are not swimming through the vibrations of others to get your authentic truth. So that you are not swimming in duality and division, or influenced by the judgements and opinions of others. So that you can see with the eyes of a visionary into a vast future filled with possibility and wonder. 

From your mountain top you may see fire, destruction, wars, rage and division down below, but the distance and elevation will help you see beyond the moment, it will help you understand the bigger picture. By connecting to this view you can navigate this time and lunation with a healthy detachement from the intensity going on on the ground. This is important to know because this lunation will be intensified by several celestial conversations.


Mars (the warrior planet) will be conjunct Uranus (the rebel), they will be squaring Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn from the constellation of Taurus, the physical representation of what is our earthly garden of delight. Mars and Uranus will be shaking things up in our sense world with lighting speed, awaking us to changes that need to be made, taking some of us beyond balance into rebellion for rebellions sake, into righteous anger and thoughtless action. 

This shake up will be in relation to our social structures, governance, our experience as individuals, it will be in relation to the physical earth (who is lashing out at how we’ve treated her), and in our belief of how we do and should co-exist and co-habitate with others. 

Pluto, the planet, of truth, power, and rebirth joins the sun and moon at the peak of the mountain, and its agenda is to get to the deepest truth of the lessons and virtues learned along the way up the long and arduous road of 2020. It desires to strip the fears, the doubts and the trauma off our consciousness so that we can stand in our authenticity with power and authority as we look into the distant future, free of our limitations. So we may see the path of the blazing sun and our own potential for brilliance with clarity. 

This purge is deep, because from this peak we can see far and wide, we can see with more clarity the things that our unconscious beliefs have created. But though this can feel overwhelming it can also make the potential rebirth more profound. Our soul wants to grow, that is it’s purpose, we can be reborn into a new direction with a new sense of dedication if we look at ourselves and each other honestly, with those Aquarian qualities of detachment, inquiry and observation at the past, and the field of endless possibility that exists in the sea of consciousness and in the physical future.

Chiron is in Aries squaring Venus and sextiling the Stellium of Mercury Saturn and Jupiter, it is offering the opportunity to heal our wounds, our anger, our masculine energy, and our inner force at this New Moon. Venus is trining Mars and Uranus bringing that need for love, partnership, connection and beauty to our evolution.

Can we grow in partnership? Can we approach change and revolution from the space of the heart, filled with love and care for others? Can we nurture our relationships so that we can build healthy, happy and creative communities?

Though there are energies conflicting at this time, they don’t have to wreak havoc within us. They can act as guides to awaken our awareness, if we can step away from the outside world and create some inner stillness, breathe, and detach. 

Through their interaction we can observe where within us and within our reality these same conflicts transpire. Ultimately, their interactions are a refection of us, and through the external experience of them we can awaken to the awareness of the changes that need to transpire within us and within our collective family. All so we may learn the value of love, peace, communication, equality, community, and liberation. And so we may aspire to climb the mountain to healing with dedication and commitment, to create the structures necessary to help others get there, and to bring new order to our systems in a way that honour all. 


How did you get to your 2020 mountain top, what did you learn along the way? What plans can you lay for the path back down the mountain to make it a journey of ease and grace?

What seeds can you plant for the way forward? From this visionary peak. What insights and divine inspiration can you garner to help yourself and others evolve?



Big questions, for big hearts. The potential is within us. The answers are there. They always were.



Stay connected, send me your thoughts.

So Much Love,


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