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Private Sessions

I offer private sessions in person or long distance. For more information on where you can find me, please send a message below.


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Soul Dance Session

A Soul Dance Session weaves together a bespoke blend of sound, scent, crystal and energy medicine to align your mind, body and soul, raise your vibrations, and guide you back to a natural state of harmony and ease.

Within the session we explore limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that may be creating dissonance between you and the life you want to create. Using the Theta Healing method we remove these beliefs from your current life experience, from past life experiences, and from your ancestral lineage, replacing them with positive new feelings and thought patterns.

We end the session with a sound, scent, crystal and Reiki integration to align you energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually with the path and purpose you are creating.

​If you're feeling out of tune with your essence, life path, or flow then restore and realign your life force with a Soul Dance Session.

Cosmic Soup Session | Astrological Chart Reading

A Cosmic Soup Session uses your Astrological Birth Chart to explore the ingredients that make up you.

We are all a unique blend of elements, by examining your astrological make up we can uncover the cycles, strengths and challenges that your personal journeys present.


From this place of self-awareness you can make empowered decisions that shift the trajectory of your life, bringing you back into alignment with the path of your highest purpose

For more in formation about sessions or to book a 15min fee consultation send a message below!