Sag Super Full Moon; Illuminating the vast horizon (14 June 2022)


Sagittarius is the explorer of our zodiac. It represents that aspect of us that wants to venture out into the world, searching far and wide for meaning, truth. and freedom. It wants to bring the philosophies, ideals and values of varying cultures together so that it may get a broader sense of its own reality, connection to source, and its own divinity.

Sagittarius is ruled by the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, the benevolent one. As the giver of gifts and luck, Jupiter brings hope, optimism, expansion and joy to our experiences and teaches us how to attract more of that, from the abundant wellspring of opportunity and goodness available to us when we go beyond our limits and our belief of what is possible.


This full moon is a super full moon, which means that it is closer to the earth in its proximity and will appear larger and brighter. The moon rules over water, which represents our emotions. It affects the gravitational pull of the tides, the tectonic plates, and the stirrings of our psyche, making a super full moon potentially feel all the more intense.

Being in Sagittarius, ruled but the largest planet, one that looks out to distant horizons and has broad and expansive vision, the potential for seeing new pathways is great. However, the light of the moon may also illuminate the limiting belief systems (also ruled by Sag + Jupiter) standing in our way.

What are you ready to see in the light of the moons glow?

What do you need to let go of, so that you can walk the path of your heart?

The Sun and Moon will be squaring Neptune, the planet that represents our divine self, our oneness, boundless, timeless selves. The part of us that gets lost in creative expression, imagination and divine inspiration. This square can bring confusion, but if channelled correctly we can get really clear and serious about bringing our dreams into form – from an intuitively guided place.

The moon is forming a healing angle to the north node, reminding us to take pleasure in our embodiment, and to enjoy our time here on earth. To immerse in the beauty and wonder of this home so we can experience more pleasure, satisfaction, joy, and make room for the things we love.

What do you want to bring into form, to create next on your journey through life?

It’s a powerful time to get very clear.

The clearer we are, the more we can see. The more open we are the more we allow opportunities into our environment

With love and light,


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