This year we’ve witnessed the power of belief, knowledge and information, and how they can be used for good, or be corrupted and distorted. We’ve felt the liberation that breaking through paradigms can create, and the confusion that awareness can bring. We’ve seen the limits our minds can keep us trapped in, and the systems through which we attract the information that confirms our beliefs (negative or positive).

As we wrap up a wild year we do it with some fireworks, because, well, that’s just the theme here on Earth for now!

We are the diamonds in the rough, polishing ourselves.

This year we saw this very process unfold right before our eyes, sometimes in public, usually messy, bewildering and wild, defiant, blatantly obvious, confusing and confronting. 

The secrets poured out, and the unseen saw the light of day.

This year we’ve witnessed the power of belief, knowledge and information, and how they can be used for good, or be corrupted and distorted. We’ve felt the liberation that breaking through paradigms can create, and the confusion that awareness can bring. 

We’ve seen the limits our minds can create, and the systems through which we attract the information that confirms our beliefs (negative or positive).

This was due, in part, to the North Node of the Moon being in Gemini (since as far back as May 2020) teaching us, collectively, the right use and handling of information, communication, and perception. The information age we find ourselves in has unfolded rapidly, and we, as individuals and as a collective, are still finding ways to manage, filter and sort through the massive amount of information available to us. Not an easy task, but a skill that is worthy of developing. 

We haven’t always gotten it right, given its newness, and it’s entanglement with our beliefs, expectations, and individual motives, which influences how we receive, understand, and share what we see in the world around us. Witnessing just how much personal belief can taint truth and data, and shape the way information is shared, is a step in our personal awakening, a step along the path of our own evolution.  

With the South Node of the Moon in Sagittarius (also since May 2020) we’ve had the opportunity to clean up this area of our Karma, including our limiting beliefs, our dated knowledge, our customs and cultural norms that don’t serve all, and our dated paradigms, so we can open our minds again, and allow room for a life of wisdom, positivity, equality, freedom and joy.

We’ve also had Saturn and Uranus clashing twice this year (in mid Feb and June) to meet again in a final conflicting aspect Christmas day. Their interaction has brought up our collective issues of control versus freedom, tradition versus innovation, old versus new, and technological advances versus existing systems.

It’s also brought up our ancient distrust in government, corporations, and traditional organisations of hierarchical power.

But the clashing of these two titans may also have woken some of us to the realisation of areas in life where we have not taken responsibly, where we have avoided accountably, and where we have not committed to the hard work of change – which may have lead problems in our body, our food and water supply, in the health of the earth, ecosystem, and the environment.

Yet, through the learning process and the unraveling of truth we have also seen some of our most conscientious leaders rise above the tide of division and lead from acceptance, tolerance, compassion and love.

 We’ve been inspired by the possibility of a new Earth and brighter future.

And deepened our knowledge and understanding of ourselves.

We’ve taken the difficult journey within, and gained greater wisdom. 

We’ve experienced all this, for our ultimate good.

Because we can’t resolve something we don’t know is lurking in the closet, we can’t heal broken systems if we pretend them away, and we can’t fix issues we keep under the rug. 

What is this Sag New Moon Eclipse Bringing You?  

A massive closure and an epic new beginning.

Solar eclipses come with the promise of something new, of shedding a new light on life, one that shines through the eyes of the soul, who wants to guides us back onto the path it has chosen for this embodiment.  

This particular eclipse is conjunct the South Node of the Moon which means you are presented witha great opportunity to close the door of your karmic past!

What a way to start a fresh!?!

And though we’ve spent some time on the dark side of Sagittarius, seeing whats behind the veil, it is actually one of the most abundant, joyful, positive and wise of signs. It is the sign of hope and possibility, of knowledge, higher learning, justice, and spiritual connection to the force of creation.

Sag is represented by the centaur, half animal, half human. A symbol of our primal instincts meeting with intellect and the possibility available to the human being. Our lower centres and the primitive self meeting with the desire to advance, expand, evolve and break free of a paradigm, a life, as half human evolving to full potential, and as half animal breaking free of that past.

The animal within us is tamed by the human, who wants to understand ultimate truth, god, and its origins. It wants to understand itself through other, through its own beliefs, and through the wisdom it gains on its journey as a student of life.

The centaur travels far and wide to gather this knowledge and as it does it is filled with great joy, love and understanding.

With Mars square Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) at the Solar Eclipse, you have the energy of action by your side asking you to follow the direction of your heart into a new way of being that honours your soul.


In the astrological symbology the centaur holds a bow and arrow, and points it over the distant mountain, knowing that beyond it exists a whole new world. One of the centaurs own making.

On January 19, 2022 the north and south node of the moon will transition into Taurus and Scorpio, taking us into a new karmic place.

But before we get there, we get to cross the mountain through the terrains of Capricorn, and as we do we get serious, act with diligence, set long term goals, take responsibility so we can end our journey with success.  

The journey leads to enlightenment

Coming back to the idea of ending on a bang. We have Uranus, the sky god, quincunx the sun and moon at the total solar eclipse.

Uranus is the planet of lighting and enlightenment. It symoolizes the future, rebellion, change, conscientious community, humanitarian ideals and individuality.

So as the Moon Eclipses the Sun an unexpected opportunity or event may come seemingly out of the blue. This event can be shocking and awaken you to a truth you weren’t aware of, but this will ultimately lead to your enlightenment. Because, enlightenment is about the lessons along the road, not the destination.

Neptune will turn direct on December 1st, just 3 days before the eclipse, taking us out of our reflective state and directing our spiritual, imaginative, creative and intuitive journey we’ve been on out into the world.

Mars will be squaring Neptune bringing up our passion and desire to act on what we’ve discovered or created during this inward journey.

Neptune represents unconditional love, compassion, unity, and higher guidance and as it returns to its forward motion we will feel more willing and able to have compassion for others, to listen, unite and accept another’s perspective. This process will be helped along by Venus which is in sextile to Neptune, helping us channel compassion, healing and love into our relationships.

Mercury will be squaring Neptune which is conjunct the Sun and Moon, heightening our imagination, broadening the potential of our minds and activating our dreams. This connection between the two planets may also cause a shift in an illusion we’ve held about the world around us.

Saturn will also be sextile to the Eclipse, reminding us that we are in a human body, having a human experience, one that has its limitations and obligations. It will ask us to put in the work for the new world we want to create over on the other side of our proverbial mountain. And remind us of the great satisfaction we will feel when we’ve dedicated ourselves to something we love and brought it to life through our focus and resolve.

Within this process of hard work and dedication we polish the diamonds that we are and gain personal mastery while doing what we love.

Who will you become post Eclipse?

In which direction are you pointing your bow and arrow, and toward what future are you excited to march? 

Dare yourself to dream big, believe, and get excited.

With love and light,


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