Here we are, looking into the eye of another portal, a portal that will send us spiralling into yet another direction, and into another season of change. This particular portal is packed with power because it is a total eclipse; because it is in Sagittarius – which loves to do things big; and because Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) is squaring the Moon and Sun creating the kind of friction necessary to motivate lasting change.

Sagittarius represents the teacher and the student, it rules higher education, natural law, philosophy, ethics, spiritual values, religion, travel and therefore our beliefs about ourselves and the world. 

It is also a jovial sign that is filled with optimism, faith and hope for what can be created by the human family. Idealistic in nature it strives to bridge communities, boarders, and philosophies by finding the commonalities between diverse cultures so that it may bring us all closer to becoming a just society, an inclusive human family, and a community that knows abundance and joy.

Eclipse seasons come around to re-align us to what our soul is here to embody, they do so by removing the distractions our minds and bodies cling to, the ones that are not serving our highest good or the desires of our heart. Therefore endings that eclipses inspire are not to be feared, but in fact welcomed, and under this Sagittarian Moon maybe even celebrated!

When we are stripped of experiences, people, limiting beliefs, conditioning and patterns that have been a hinderance rather than a help to our evolution we are left with more space. And within that space we can think with deeper clarity, receive more of what our soul longs for, and give ourselves room to listen to our heart… because once the noise is removed we can begin to actually hear it beating.

From the freedom of mind this release brings we can begin to shape our mind and beliefs into positive paradigms that propel us into a brighter more heart centred future.

What would it feel like to embody your soul and live its purpose? I believe it would feel like joy.

Uranus over in Taurus is quincunx the Moon driving home this point of freedom, which goes beyond our personal understanding of it. You see, Uranus is also concerned with the collective, and knows that no one is free until everyone is free. And what this means is that if your beliefs give you a sense of freedom but somehow enslave another, then you’re not at the definition of freedom, you’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere. 

Here’s an example, the Church decided that they want Christianity freely available to all, heathens and witches were killed so that we could be free from the influence of their evil. But did those persecuted feel free? I dare say, no! Could it be that these crusades stemmed from misguided beliefs, that were very strongly held? I dare say yes, and I would also add that the desire to free the world of evil was done through a very evil act!

Are beliefs facts? No. Are beliefs truths? No.

They are more like opinions, and opinions should be challenged, questioned and changed because our unconscious works toward always making us right. And if we are always right we have to find ways to be right about the right things ie: if we believe ourselves successful we attract success, if we believe ourselves unlovable we remain alone.

But Sagittarius also takes us beyond the personal to the collective, and at this lunar eclipse we are asked, what beliefs about each other is it time to release? What ideologies, religious views, or life philosophies keep us apart? Let’s let them go so we may expedite our evolution and consciously move to higher moral ground. Is it not about time that we all experience true freedom?

And can that freedom bring us closer to the desires of our heart and the embodiment of our soul? Wouldn’t that look like joy? 

With the South Node in Sagittarius we have the perfect opportunity to reflect on this very history of our inherited beliefs, philosophies and ethics so we can see where within our present culture we are still perpetuating the same mistakes, and living in false truth. Uranus in Taurus is screaming, Wake up!!!! Liberate yourselves!

What cultural hang ups keep you stuck…ones hiding somewhere in your unconscious?

Other important happenings at this time…

Mercury is about to go retrograde (May 28th) so our mind is in the process of slowing down and ready to reflect. It is conjunct Venus and the Sun at the eclipse, infusing our mind with lusciousness, beauty, pleasure, love, creativity, wealth and wellbeing. Allowing us to embrace change with a positive mindset! 

However, if we don’t slow down to meet these transits at their pace, to tune in and enjoy what they bring, we may be faced with more confusion and miss communication, especially so because Venus and Mercury are in square to Neptune.

Mars, on the other hand, is in a friendly conversation to Neptune which can help us act from a place of self-love, care, affection, and wanting to create a global home that feels safe and nurturing for all.

Saturn goes retrograde on the day of the eclipse helping us with our reality check (sounds fun? Not really). But that reality check will align us with our deepest truth, encourage us to create strong boundaries, commit with conviction to the changes we are making, and help us define the steps and goals to get us there. Chiron, in friendly conversation to Saturn, is adding a healing touch to these processes, guiding us to open our heart and receive the benefits of the changes we create.

What can we create under this powerful lunar eclipse influence?

This is an especially powerful time to become the student, to listened, study, and observe where limiting beliefs are limiting the shape of our reality. The stronger the beliefs, the tighter we hold onto them, the more they control what we allow into our experience; including other points of view, opportunities, beneficial relationships, and potential for growth, joy and freedom.

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign. That means that at this time we can connect to the energy of fire to make changes, which translates to passion and desire. We can release the old paradigms of mind and reconstruct our reality from a place of courage, hope and optimism. We can also lean into that mutable energy of Sag to become more flexible and comfortable with change so we may connect to the flowing nature of life and ourselves begin to flow within it.

Like the our fiery sun, we are self-generating. Which means that we have the power to generate the emotions we want to feel at any given moment, and with the Sagittarian Moon glowing on us we are tuned in to generate joy, positivity, opportunity, fun, and a momentum based on healthy beliefs that create a willingness to adventure into new things.

We can also gain a broader understanding of where we fit into the human puzzle and how we can contribute to its conscious evolution. 

We can use this time to do an epic purge so we can form abundant mindsets! Jupiter and Sagittarius are all about expansion. When we purge we create inner space, freeing ourselves of old systems of thought and limiting beliefs creates space for opportunities.

So take some time to explore the foundations of your current belief systems and whether they are truly serving you and your community. 

If you’re trapped in limitations, ask yourself if those beliefs are fact, truth or just opinion? Let those opinions go with love, (they are probably not even yours) , let your soul guide you to a deeper embodiment of your purpose. Let the sound of your heart direct the rhythm of your life. 

Lead with joy. 

Spend time celebrating the passing of what no longer serves so that you can become open to the gifts Jupiter wants to pour into your cup from the mystical waters of Pisces. 

Abundance, spiritual insight, unconditional love, inspiration, creativity, trust, flow, luck and synchronicity are all wrapped up with a bow waiting for you to discover. This gift is your birth right yet you must free your mind to see it, know of it, and accept its bounty.

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