Scoriop New Super Moon: Shedding Old Skin. Nov 15th 2020

La Luna by Danielle Noel

Scorpio represents the underworld, the deep places within our unconscious, the hidden, occult things that exist just below the surface of our reality, including the taboos we sweep into dark places, and the truth of our own divinity that we hide from ourselves. Scorpio is also the sign of power and resurrection, death is not to be feared in the underworld, it is understood as a necessary part of the evolutionary process. 

This begs the question, what aspect of you can you lay to rest, what skin can you shed so that your soul purpose can be honoured, what of your own power have you hidden from yourself that you are ready to see and step into at this new moon? When you know your power and truth you can plant powerful seeds of change and transformation. 

This New Super Moon comes just a few days after Jupiter and Pluto conjunct at 22º of Capricorn for the final time this year, this is a rare and powerful conjunction that occurs every 12 to 13 years. November 12th is the 3rd conjunction of 2020 and we can get a sense of what might come up for us at this time based on events of the previous two conjunctions that fell on April 5th and June 30th of this year, and what was happening in our lives around December 2007. 

Where Jupiter goes it brings expansion, healing, optimism, big picture thinking, and philosophical ideals of evolving our society, but it also brings excess and over indulgence. Pluto is power and transformation, and when these two heavenly bodies meet in the sky, Jupiter expands Plutos mission. 

At this New Moon we may be feeling the intensity of our underlying and unconscious beliefs, we may be feeling a deep need to connect to our truth, to shed our limitations and start anew. Who is that authentic self buried beneath its beliefs, fears and conditioning? What does your soul yearn for? What does it want to create in this embodiment, and how does it want to share its gifts with the world? 

Looking along our surface and outside of ourselves into the world we may see division, polarity, fear, rage, intolerance, power run rampant, corruption and self serving behaviour, these aspects of being human have been brought to the surface for healing, you can’t heal what you are unaware of (or hiding from yourself). We may also be seeing a call to unity, people rising above circumstances to create inclusivity and positive change. Ultimately it’s up to us what we acknowledge, and what we focus on and choose to see outside ourselves represents what we have chosen to see and focus on within. 

We have Mercury in Scorpio at this time, Mercury – Mind  is probing below that surface, searching for the ultimate truth of who we are, sometimes we don’t allow earnest seeking, because it’s hard. But if we work with this scorpio energy at this time we can uncover our blindspots and our treasures, and work toward our highest transformation, from a place of honesty. When we go into deep inquiry, without judgment, how much do we uncover? When we search our souls and tune into our hearts, with love and compassion who do we become? 

This is the point from where we are asked to create at this New Moon, from the depths of our truth, from the most authentic part of us. This year has shaken our understanding of reality up, so much has been destroyed and undone. But from the rubble of what we once were we can take the things that truely count and reshape our future with what feels most authentic within us. 

The sun and moon are forming positive aspects to Pluto, Jupiter and Neptune at this New Moon, meaning that we are empowered to draw the best of ourselves out of this experience. Tune into our power, our truth, and fearlessly step into our authenticity. We are constantly called to shed our limiting beliefs, our fears and sense of separateness, so that we can draw nearer to love and unity, but it is highlighted more so at this Scorpio new moon. 

We can tune into Jupiters healing, optimism and expansion to step into our ideals, our connection to something greater, or desire to heal ourselves and be in service. We can use Neptunes connection to source, unconditional love, and rich imaginings and dreamscape to make the unreal, the wish, a reality. 

It’s not all love and light though. A super moon is closer to the earth, which means our emotions are intensified. Scorpio can be vengeful and manipulative, Jupiter can over indulge, Neptune can go into fantasy and delusion, Mercury in scorpio can cause a sharp tongue. The archetypes that are the planets are as complex as we are. But in every moment we get to choose if we take the higher or the lower path.

What do you want to create at this new moon? What of your power, truth and purpose are you ready to acknowledge and step into? 

Shed the old and take a step into another version of yourself, knowing that you are a constant work in progress, a constant unraveling of divinity, a complex being that is perfectly perfect and perfectly a paradox. 

So Much Love,


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