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Scorpio is a water sign and the element of water represents memory, emotion, psychic ability, cleansing, and purifying. The Archetype of Scorpio represents power, sexuality, our unconscious, the taboo, the esoteric, death, rebirth and transformation.

When we enter the waters of Scorpio, we are not coming to frivolously splashing in the shallows. We are coming to commune with what we call our shadows, the places beyond the surface that the light does not touch. We come to immerse in deep truths, and these deep truths reveal our power and the totality of who we are, have been, and are eternally becoming.

At this Scorpio Super Full Moon we are guided to dive deeper into our ocean of being, into the caves that store forgotten memories, into the depths of our emotions, the dark corners of our psyche, into the streams that run underground like sexual currents pushed out of sight.  

We are guided to these places within us so that we can become aware of where we have given away our power, or exercised it over others. So that we can reclaim it or bring it into balance for our next metamorphosis. 

What layer of conditioning, memory, or belief are you ready to part with at this Full Moon so you can feel a little more like yourself in your skin?

Seek and you shall find.

Scorpio is fearless in its search for truth, it has no interested in pleasantries, no desire to impress, no time for the mundane. It is consumed with a fascination for something deeper then that; human potential and fallacy. And it draws power from self-knowing, transmuting, and transforming on a psychological and emotional level.

The ultimate alchemist, it knows how to manipulate energy; transform trauma into purpose, sexuality into power, occult mystery practices into ecstatic enlightenment, death into beginnings, shame into acceptance, guilt into forgiveness, regret into compassion… and from these deep places of healing and transforming the alchemical marriage of the soul begins.

In this Scorpionic shadow world we can begin the process of marrying our inner resources and the totality of our fragmented being into a unified whole.

To reach that feeling of wholeness requires the practice of surrendering… into the unknown, into what scares us, into the depths of our truth. It requires trust, diligence, and compassion. This isn’t the work we are all here to do, but it is available for those willing to go on the journey of self-discovery.

The full moon will help us release what we are ready to part with on an emotional and psychological level level, each within our own unique limits. It will illuminate what we are ready to see within our own inner workings. We are not all interested in reaching the absolute depths of ourselves this week, and that’s totally ok. In fact, it may even be reckless to try. Growth and self-knowing is a slow process, for good reason.

But in saying that, this full moon may feel more intense then we may think we can handle. It may feel explosive and overwhelming, but after the climax there will be a sense of relief. This is why having a strong personal practice and supportive community is so important, it helps us remember we are not alone and that this too shall pass.

Mars moved into Cancer around the 23rd/24th of April. This warrior planet ignites our inner action, and will be in a supportive angle to the Moon as it reaches fullness, beaming its light of courage and pioneering spirit our way. Cancer, like Scorpio is a water sign, and symbolises that nurturing spirit within us that knows how to tap into care, comfort, and create emotional security within our environment and home. Mars does not feel at home in Cancer so his time here may feel like emotions boil at times, but he is supportive to the possibilities of transformation and release at this lunation.  Jupiter is giving Mars a wink from across the sky sending its positive, healing, and expansive rays of light support the potential shifts in our emotional body.

Uranus is across the sky from the Moon dancing hand in hand with the Sun as the Moon reaches its fullness… Venus, Mercury and Black Moon Lilith are also in close orb to the sun, all in Taurus which symbolises our physical embodiment and creative expression. Taurus is our garden of delight, it inspires pleasure, joy, beauty and stability through the interaction of our sense with the physical world.  Our touch, taste, smell, sight, sound… are heightened right now and require our attention so we may experience and express the beauty of life.

Remedies for the intensity of this Full Moon 

The can be found in nature. In the simple pleasure of cooking and tasting the things you love. In smelling flowers, the soil, the greenery that the earth provides. In feeling the soft and luxurious textures of fabric on your skin. In listening to your favourite music (get your playlists together!). In immersing your visual sense in images of beauty and inspiration. In surrounding yourself with the possessions you value. In crafting and using your hands. And in using your voice to speak your truth. 

Taurus rules the throat and is a very creative sign. We have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus all gather in this constellation, so try allowing some space in your daily routine to draw on that creative energy and bring yourself some relief. Listen to the artistic flow that runs beneath your surface and follow the sound of new ideas as they flow out of your mind and into the physical realm. Taurus holds space for this beautifully.

Other Transits

The Sun, Uranus, Mercury, Venus and Black Moon Lilith have or will be squaring Saturn this Taurus season and are in close orb of conflict at this Full Moon. These are personal planets that affect our private sphere of life. Saturn who has been in Aquarius since December Solstice has been brining social restrictions to our awareness, as well as out dated and restrictive structures in our lives. The collective authority of our external world of community, organisations, friendships, and groups may be at odds with the simplicity, luxury, pleasure and joy some of us want to experience in our inner world and home and family life.

Saturn the Moon, Sun and Uranus all in fixed signs are forming a T square at full moon creating the feeling of a stand-off. A stubbornness, perhaps, and lack of desire to change our point of view where there are opposing or conflicting aspects within us causing inner stress and suffering. But something has to give, change is inevitable. An Uranus’s presence reminds us that change can be positive and healthy for our evolution and growth.

Uranus also brings enlightenment and freedom for the old, so perhaps this inner stand-off will bring an ‘ah ha’ moment of where within us we must let go to make room for something new. And where within and outside of us we need to lean into compassion, acceptance, flexibility and tolerance. Tunnel vision is fruitless, in a divers and healthy community and inner landscape.

And then… Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio and this lunation will go retrograde, the day after the Full Moon. For the past few months we’ve had all planets direct creating a speedy energy in the air. But as Pluto turns retrograde, we begin a journey inwards. An investigation of self, of the emotional body, of our psyche, psychological working, power blocks, and of the beliefs that keep us hesitant in the face of the constant cycles of growth and transformation that is life. Get ready for the desire to rise within you to spend a little time alone, in your private abode of secrets and shadows. Keeping in mind, that we have nothing to fear but fear itself, and remembering to observe with kindness, compassion and forgiveness prominent in the heart space.  

Final thoughts

Overall this Full Moon in Scorpio is an opportunity for massive emotional release, but it’s really up to us how we work with the currents, archetypes and awareness available at any given time. The fixed energy in the sky right now can be used in beneficial ways, stubbornness is a friend to commitment.  

We can find ways to create balance and harmony between our inner rebel and our sense of duty and responsibility. We can nurture our need for freedom and individuality while serving and co-creating with others. We can harness our emotional power to create great things. We can get into a deeply creative space and have some deep artistic breakthroughs in our crafts. Just let yourself surrender to your deepest truth, and let that truth guide you.

It is safe and acceptable to feel your emotions; we are not wrong for the ‘heavy’ stuff that lives within us. Our shadows are our friends. We are deep and complex and magical machines. When we surrender our expectations of what we should look like, sound like, be like… let go of that attachment, we begin to allow ourselves to be guided down a different path. One that may lead to deeper self-knowing, self-acceptance, and self-compassion. When we make these discoveries and feeling states available to ourselves we make them available to the world.

Give yourself the space you need. Find comfort in what brings you joy. Be the scientist observing and unattached. Be the investigator going into the deep. Love on yourself. Get creative. Simplify. The truth is that you are splendid, marvellous, powerful and capable of the most exquisite and sweetest love…

Drop me a comment, let me know how this moon is affecting you?

So much love,



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Here we are, December 2020, can you believe it? At times this year has felt unending, or like it startedgoing backwards, or somehow got stuck in a twisted loop of trauma, dead ends and forced transformation. But somehow, by some divine grace, we’ve arrived at its culmination, ending it with some losses, some insight, lots of closure, and some massive celestial conversations.

This total Solar Eclipses has an overall expansive message which is asking us to look with optimism, joy, wisdom, knowledge and hope into a brighter future as it closes out the past and sends us merrily into a new paradigm.

It’s not an all fun and games eclipse though because, you know, change is uncomfortable and it’s been an exhausting and emotionally devastating year for a lot of us. But if we can tune into that wise energy of the Sagittarius constellation we can step out of our duality, the back and forth of mind, the limiting beliefs and the stress caused by all these rapid shifts and changes, and step into a new faith and belief system.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury and South Node are all conjunct in Sagittarius putting a lot of focus on the archetype and how we experience it in ourselves. Beyond the already mentioned traits Sagittarius is also very much about truth, law, justice, quests, foreigners, and long-term vision so there is a lot of energy focused on big thinking and envisioning ideal futures for our human family, futures that are not limited by boarders, inequality, and injustice. But rather built on higher moral ground, ethical laws and regulations, and justice for all.

In the personal sphere we are called to release our own biases, dogma and life philosophies, and do it in a big way because Sagittarius is big transformation. This process is not necessarily going to be a conscious one, it can be. But ultimately eclipse season is about closing doors to open new ones, ones we may not even be aware of.

So if we go into a place of listening when we get to our intention setting, unimaginable opportunities and insights may come up. Bigger than what the mind can imagine. It’s a potent new moon that will plant new seeds in the darkness of our unconscious minds, but Eclipses are very much about closing out cycles.

 What was going on between 2001-2002 in your life? Those cycles, growth and lessons are coming to a close at this time. What was happening for you 6 months ago? This will be another cycle of growth and understanding that will close out. Again, things aren’t necessarily closing out on a conscious level, the shifts that take place could start becoming clearer over the next month or so, so don’t put pressure on yourself to have all the answers.

Although Sagittarius has wonderful gifts to share like connecting us to divine truth, wisdom, joy and expansion, it also has a shadow side, as all things do. And with the South Node of the Moon conjunction at this Eclipse, we have to be mindful of the karma and negative aspects of this sign that might come up for clearing so that we can let the clearing process occur.

The shadow side of Sag is the religious crusader, the zealot fighting evil, living in the duality of good and bad, having blind faith in their understanding of god and a fervent belief that their gods/belief/life philosophy/spiritual path etc is the only way, and it needs to prevail over the beliefs of others.

Can we step beyond our duality, the ideas that are black and white, right and wrong? Can we step into oneness and the divine wisdom and knowledge that lays beyond the fight for good over evil? Ultimate truth is unity and love.  

Mars is forming a positive aspect to the Sun, Moon and Mercury, in fellow fire sign Aries, so the element of divine fire and desire to move fast with passion and drive into new experiences are strong. Gut instincts are strong, the need for independence and exploration are strong. And the instinct is to bring down that joy, optimism and divine knowledge and wisdom to mind, heart, and purpose. Mind the impatience and sharp tongue that Mars can inspire at this time.

Venus, the planet of love and relationship is in Scorpio seeking deep truth and transformation at this time. She is trining Chiron in Aries, the wounded healer, so we can expect fast shifts in healing of love, money, relationships, and the divine feminine.

Three tougher aspects at this eclipse are that Neptune is squaring the Sun, Moon, Mercury and South node,. Saturn is in its last degree of Capricorn squaring Mars, And Uranus is semi squaring Sun, Moon and Mercury.

Neptune is leading up to an exact square with the North and South Nodes of the Moon in January that has a lot to do with confusion, illusion, conspiracy cloudiness, and spiritual fog we are in right now. But this square at the eclipse is also creating a sense of listlessness or feeling like life is pointless at this time. That’s ok, its part of the purge, being self-aware of when you feel like life is pointless, what triggers that thought pattern, and how you can sooth the pain can help take the edge off. Neptune is ultimately about surrender, trust, unconditional love and ultimate unity with all that is true.

Saturn in its anorectic degree can create some havoc as it gets ready to leap into Aquarius, and with Mars squaring it again we are back at the theme of power, authority, patriarchy, government versus the individual freedoms and rights. There may be a sense of restriction or burden of responsibility that comes up at this time that makes us cringe and want to fight back.

Uranus squaring the Sun, Moon and Mercury could bring shocking news to the surface. The uncomfortable kind that leads to our ultimate enlightenment and freedom, yet still uncomfortable and hard to swallow. But if we tune into the Aquarian energy of detachment and observe the experience as a scientist we can come up with an innovative or quirky solution to whatever news may come our way.

All in all, we are shifting into a new type of energy come Solstice, and as we gear up energetically, and subconsciously in preparation for the work we will do with the element of Air and Aquarius over the next 140 years, we have a great start to plant new seeds of change that is rooted in wisdom, knowledge, expansion and joy. Seeds that shape our beliefs into new philosophies that are oriented toward creating a life and world that is ideal for all.

So much love and grace to you all as we navigate this season of change and transformation.

Stay connected, send me your thoughts, love, and I’ll return them right back in song

So Much Love,