You are the master of your own journey. Are you ready to unlock your potential and experience another you? 


Most sessions are available virtually. 

If you live in the Dandenong Rangers or the Melbourne area in person sessions are now available. Send an email to [email protected] or call 0475 734 562 to find out about locations and times available near you.

After booking a virtual session you will receive an automated email with a link to that you can add to your online calendar for ease of access. 

If you have special needs please be in touch and we will do our best to make the appropriate accomodations. 

Access Bars Session

Your Access Bars Session is designed to clear emotions, thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs and considerations that you’ve stored in your unconscious over lifetimes. By gently touching certain points on your head energy is released which then creates space for you to manifest new and wonderful experiences.


(Only available in person)

Exchange $130 | Duration: 1.15 hour

Reiki Session

Your Reiki Session is designed to leave you feeling calm, relaxed and centred. Reiki is a subtle and loving energy that expresses itself in gentle ways to support your wellbeing journey. 

Exchange $130 | Duration: 1 hour

Sound Healing Session

Your Sound Healing Session is designed to leave you feeling mentally clear, emotionally balanced and creatively inspired. A sound session may help you feeling like you’ve come into greater alignment with your self, and your dreams and aspirations.

Exchange $150 | Duration: 1 hour

Theta Healing Session

Your ThetaHealing® Session is designed to help you identify unconscious programs that are holding you back from achieving your dreams, and help you work toward replacing negative patterns with positive beliefs and feeling states.

Exchange $150 | Duration: 1.5 hour

Astrological Chart Reading Session

Your Astrological Chart Reading Session is designed to explore elements of your personality including potential talents, strengths, and points of growth. We will look at past cycles, and transits 6 months into the future that may have significant impact on your experience, including ideal windows of opportunities and changes.

Exchange $200 | Duration: 1.5 hour

Soul Dance Session

Your Soul Dance Session weaves together an intuitive blend of energy medicine to guide you back to a natural state of harmony and ease. Together we explore your intentions and what may be creating dissonance in your current experience, past lives, and ancestral lineage. Using Theta, Sound, Reiki and other methods we work on creating resonance, clarity, and aligning you energetically, mentally, physically and emotionally with the path and purpose you are creating.

Exchange $200 | Duration: 1.5 hour


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Client Love...

“Dorothea has been guiding me on my spiritual and healing  journey for some time now, from sound baths to astrology sessions. Her intuition, knowledge, and genuine care has helped me in lighting the way to my awakening. She is so in tune with mind, body and soul, and without her help I don’t think I would have been able to connect the dots on such a deep level. Just an amazing person, and amazing experience. Thank you Dorothea!”

Bahar Simsir McLeod, Financial Planner, Melbourne, AU.

“I was trying to fall pregnant and realized 7 weeks after my private session with Dorothea, that I was carrying a little human inside me. I truly believe that my time with Dorothea helped me physically and spiritually prepare my body for pregnancy. I came in for a session in search of relaxation, however I got a whole lot more! After Dorothea’s therapy I felt connected spiritually, at peace and was able to enter a meditative state, which was a first for me! “

Filiz Inan, Realestate Agent, Melbourne, Australia.

“One of the best session I have ever had for this type of healing. I could not believe the transformation that began after my first few sessions. It was amazing how she just “knew” how to heal on every level, mentally, emotionally, physically, and from the core of your soul. I don’t normally practice recovery and well being in this form, but she has opened me up to a new way of life. I cannot thank her enough.”

Sally Bunnell, Music Video Producer, New York, NY.

“Dorothea is a wonderful healer, and my sessions with her have been divine! Her sound healings “tap in” to higher frequencies and she is also very attentive, grounded and caring.”

Rene Rotkopf, Creative Mind Coach, New York, NY.

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